They are all horrible

Yes, Trump, Clinton, Sanders….

All horrible….

I mean there is a small part of me (the part that wants to watch the world burn) that would vote for Trump and just laugh…

I just spent about twenty minutes on this horrid site called twitter and I realize that those who are interested in politics are willing to lie to “support their argument.”

The “liberals” will say anything to excuse Hillary’s emails….

The Don could be absolutely wrong and his apostles, err supporters will just double down….

And then Sanders rabid puppies… Well, if I dare say that English should be the official language in this here Murka… That would make me an evillle waycist (irony being that I have darker skin than many of those mofos.)  And they’d excuse whatever “violence” because a member of the “oppressor class” only gets what he “deserves.”

am I surprised by this shitstorm….

Nope, looks like Feminists, M(H)RA’s and Alter-Righties just went mainstream…

I hate the Federal Government, NSA suck on that…



3 thoughts on “They are all horrible

  1. Whoever you talk to, if you aren’t kissing butt then you’re on the other sidE. I’m British, not voting for POTUS any time soon, just casually interested and have been accused of supporting Trump when I point out he DOES actually contribute to the economy, unlike most career politicians. Likewise, I am accused of being a brainwashed liberal who wants to ruin the USA when I say Trump doesn’t seem to have the skills necessary to manage a country and could only realistically operate by delegating absolutely everything. And when I point out that lying and cheating is common on both sides and that the content of the controversy is not always applicable to the election… well, then I’m DEFINITELY on the side of (whoever they oppose]. And neither side will argue the facts, just shout slogans and clichés at each other. It’s baffling.

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