Why do manuresphere “libertarians” support Trump???

It is pretty clear that many of Trumpiepoops policies are NOT libertarian…

He supports eminent domain when it suits him.  What’s his is his, and what’s your’s is his.  Doesn’t sound very respectful of individual liberty to use the force of the government to steal property that someone paid for, now does it?

Here’s a nice ™ article:


I’ve noted before that creepy Milo Y refers to The Don as “daddy.”  Some say Trump supporters are populists while others say they are authoritarian. Here’s an interesting article and I think conversations about politics would be better served by discussing authoritarianism vs anarchism rather than left vs. right.  I do wonder if these manuresphere alpha’s are as into that weird BD&SM shit as those batshit crazy feminists.  But it is only intellectual curiosity because I have about as much a desire of steeping into their bedrooms as going into a septic tank…rooshtrump

13 thoughts on “Why do manuresphere “libertarians” support Trump???

  1. Here’s the deal with Trump supporters: they are realists. Trump is a moderate nationalist, and his supporters are realists, as opposed to idealists. There are many conservative libertarians who are idealists, and they don’t support him. Likewise, there are many conservative authoritarians who are also idealists and don’t support him. In fact, I doubt that you are going to find a Trump-supporting idealist anywhere, because there is really nothing about him that is idea. No person in any of his rally crowds can honestly say that everything about him is exactly what they want, and if you really look at his supporting base, it is actually quite ideologically heterogeneous.

    So why do people support him? Forget about the theories from people who have been trapped in think tanks for too long — that his appeal lies in his notoriety as a reality TV star, or his strange hair, or whatever. The main reason people support him, above all else, is international trade policy, followed closely by immigration. You don’t have to be a political junkie or have any political slant to see the writing on the wall — all you have to do is look around in any department store, or buy something from Amazon to see it: everything is made in China, a country that has turned into a juggernaut overnight and is now posturing and threatening us regularly. Furthermore, about immigration, finding yourself surrounded in public with people who only speak Spanish, and having the parking lot at Home Depot turn into an employment waiting room for illegal aliens are also recent developments. People can see clearly that the country is hemorrhaging to death, and they never seem to get any straight-forward answers from conventional politicians, but only word fog. Americans also know that we are running out of time, quickly — if the rapid pace of economic subversion by China and poverty invasion from Latin America aren’t enough to make that clear, then the national debt nearly doubling in the past 8 years ought to.

    Trump is far from perfect, but to millions of people, he is the first guy in decades to call things as they themselves see it, particularly over China and illegal immigration. For as far back as I’ve been paying attention, the neocon Republican establishment (owned lock, stock and barrel by the donor class/chamber of commerce) has been hopelessly cross-threaded with the conservative base over trade deals with other countries. It’s easy to see that those deals don’t actually represent true free market principles when there are no monetary firewalls between a free market zone and a Communist zone — and especially when the other country tariffs our goods but we don’t tariff theirs, as is the case with China, for example. The base and the establishment is also cross-threaded over illegal immigration, as Mr. John Q. Conservative is being ignored by the guy he voted for, being called a racist by Democrat politicians and academics, and meanwhile, his 20-year-old son can’t find a job and his car was smashed in a hit-and-run by illegal aliens last week. Today it’s that, tomorrow it’ll be regular car bombings from the Muslims that the administration is now shipping in from God-knows-where, without even seriously vetting them.

    In short, Trump is someone who has risen above the politician word fog and succinctly identified the basic problems with the country, as the common man sees it. In order to have done that, he had to punch a hole through the rules of political correctness, and violate the drivel protocols for elected officials. Pragmatic libertarians also support him because they realize that at this juncture in history, there is no other way from here to where they ultimately want to be, other than Trump. He may not be a libertarian, but all other roads lead to more statism and globalism.

    1. yessir, but then they’ve got to put themselves into another basket besides “libertarian.” Much of the manuresphere is not libertarian and is merely parading around under a false flag. Similar to feminists saying they are about “equality of the genders” when they really want to hate on low status men and call it a social justice movement. I’ll go a step further, though, trying to bring back good paying factory jobs is futile when robots will soon replace those jobs one way or another…

      1. The false flag thing holds true, with or without Trump in the picture. MGTOW is kind of a false flag for many, because they don’t really “go their own way”, they come together on an internet board and gripe. As with pretty much everything, don’t talk about it, be about it.

        They claim that robots will soon build everything, take care of everything, and we’ll live like the Jetsons before long, but they are probably wrong. Some will use the robot argument to counter concerns about labor, but that future is not here yet, and is probably a long ways off. Having worked many years in manufacturing, I can tell you that assembling a viable product — with any level of sophistication — is a lot more nuanced and detailed than one might think. Things don’t just magically fly together like they do in a cartoon factory line. Robots can do certain things well, but they don’t have much of any power of discrimination. Not only that, but robots are expensive. You can have robot arms that do nothing but move product around between different machines for processing, and they do the job much faster than humans, but the price tags are up in the millions. Some industries have that much need for speed in certain processes, but they are a very small fraction of overally manufacturing. Not only that, but manufacturing of even simple products can be a lot more nuanced than any robot can reasonably do, even for an expensive one. I worked in manufacturing for several years and I’ve seen this all first-hand, both human assembly and robotics.

        Besides, the proof is in the pudding: pretty much everything is made in China these days, and it’s not because something in the polluted air makes the plastic stronger — it’s because they are cheaper to make, because those people are essentially working for slave wages. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t be made there. Manufacturing and production of almost all commondites is still going to be done by people for a very long time to come, and if we want to do something about these trade deficits, which will eventually be our undoing, we had better take some kind of action as soon as possible.

      2. “MGTOW is kind of a false flag for many, because they don’t really “go their own way”, they come together on an internet board and gripe.”

        unfortunately Shedding of the Ego looks more and more like AVfM every day. BarBar’s old site was some next level shit though-I remember where he linked to a video where a soldier described what it was like to kill people and that it gave him a sense of accomplishment he never got anywhere else.

        As far as robots, well we are seeing more automation. For example, at check out lines there are self check outs. (Something to worry the $15 minimum crowd I think.) You mentioned allot of manufacturing work being “nuanced.” I remember working as a “cold caller” for a tech company and people would talk down to me both internally and externally. Surprisingly, though, there were skills you wouldn’t think of. I became good at finding information on the web, finding contact numbers, emails, etc. I’ve found that employers condescendingly talk about “skills gaps” but they aren’t willing to hire employees and let them “grow” into the job or provide adequate training. (Some “low skills” jobs are tougher than one would think-Something the $15 minimum crowd probably has a point about.)

      3. One thing you have to remember about business people, whether the business is large or small, is that they are all tightwads who only care about the quick buck. You don’t have to be a liberal pinko to see that business will never do the “right” thing, only the quickly profitable thing. Hiring entry-level workers and letting them grow with experience makes sense in the long term, but it’s never about the long term with business people anymore — it’s about getting rich right this second. Even if it weren’t that way for those running the business directly, it sure as hell is for their investors [insert anti-corporate rambling here].

        Hey, you know what? That behavior reminds me of something: it’s pretty much exactly how women behave. Think about it: they want men with experience and a proven track record of other women being attracted to them, and as for guys who don’t have an obvious harem of girls chasing them around, they won’t give those guys the time of day. They won’t give an unproven guy a chance to prove himself because life is too short to waste on losers, I guess.

        Heaven help the guys who fall for the lies about male/female relations being something magical and romantic and whatever else, because the truth is that it’s just like business: it’s dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, utilitarian, and the trajectory of your life in that regard is ballistic — decided at the start, like the trajectory of a bullet leaving the gun barrel.

      4. “BarBar’s old site was some next level shit though-I remember where he linked to a video where a soldier described what it was like to kill people and that it gave him a sense of accomplishment he never got anywhere else.”

        I chuckled a bit, “some next level shit”. Did he seriously went through an edgy social darwinist / satanist phase?

      5. He had a youtube video where a soldier graphically described being a “tunnel rat.” The soldier enjoyed it because he was never given props before but was a good soldier and that won him admiration from other men.

        I don’t know that that makes him “satanic.”

      6. “I don’t know that that makes him “satanic.””

        Nah, I actually didn’t mean to call him satanic or a satanist. I’ve just brought it up because your stereotypical Satanist is totally cool with killing “weaker” creatures.

  2. The Manopshere supports Trump because, frankly, he is the most honest Republican presidential candidate in living memory. Also, unlike Shrillary and rapy Bill, the guy has his money the old-fashioned (if somewhat dishonest) way rather than by pretending to be involved in “public service”. I think he will win the general election if he runs against Shrillary.

    1. 2016 at 5:00 am Edit

      He just might win against Shrillary. It’s gonna be funny watching them battle each other. Looks like she won’t face indictment over the emails, but if she did, do you think Colonel Sanders could beat the Trumpster?

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