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Back in the day, I remember taking a Ford on a not so traveled highway in the middle of the day.  65,70,80-man I’m feeling good.  100, whoa, that must be something, I’ve never driven that fast before.  Dashboard starts shaking, fucking shaking, and I’m still going faster.  Haha, this is too much fun, I’m sure I’m breaking the law, or something will go wrong.  I let off the gas.  80 feels slow, 70 like grandma’s driving, 65, goddamnit, I can’t do 55.

Another time, I traded a beloved Strat for 50 lbs of ‘murikan steel, a Mesa Boogie with 6 power tubes.  One day I cranked the fucker to 3 and a drummer threw his sticks at me and said, “Goddamnit, your gonna make me fucking deaf!”  Then I was in a divey rehearsal studio plugged into a no name cab that I’d like to think had some lore like being the backline for Black fucking Sabbath in 1972.  And, uh, I felt the need, the need for speed??? Or was I ‘murika’s volume dealer?  IDK, but I cranked that bad boy up to 5, walls started shaking.  6, the speakers were pushing air, just like if I was standing in front of a hairdryer on the cool setting.  7, my teeth were rattling.  I’m sure I’m playing loud enough that when I’m old I’ll be  saying “What, darling, could you repeat that?  Speak up, now!”  8, do I dare?  Didn’t get that far.  Smell some smoke, the volume goes down to zip.  Silence, and now my ears are ringing.  I think I started crying–I’m sure Paulie Boi Elam woulda laughed at my male suffering.  Did I murder the beast?  Haha, I found out I just blew a fuse.  Just like an old house, the kind you alphas burn down when you put an old penny in the fuse box.

By now your probably thinking I’m a bit of a nerd with a dangerous streak-a danger to myself and maybe others.  Well, I won’t tell ya about my “chemistry” experiments were I found that gas is explosive and kerosene burns then.  But I will tell ya  if it’s something you could put in an engine I ain’t gonna put it in my belly.  I’ve never liked hard liquor, that shit is just disgusting.  In fact in the two little tales above, sad to say, I didn’t even have a PBR to excuse my   stupidity. So if I was ever to meet the “masculine” “men” of the manuresphere like Aaron Clarey and Roosh 5, well, I’d decline their offers to “be a man” and go out drinking.  I’d tell them to have fun getting black out drunk but don’t cry the next day when you wake up next to Jack Donovan or another creepster white nationalist with a sore butt.  Of course I am evillle for saying such a thing, I am A) a vyctym blamer and B) a homafobe.  Sorry, libtards, I didn’t vote for Colonel Sanders-cry someone else a river.


Now apparently there was some frat boy athlete and a passed out drunk womyn.  I suppose it went down like a Roosh V encounter except some Swedes interceded.  So the dudebroe alpha got 6 months.  And everyone says 6 months is too short, well 6 months of unemployment insurance is too short but I am rambling. So his daddy wrote a letter and then some lady in the band in the Youtube video above wrote a letter.  Now, guess what happened to the band?  Did they rape a man and incur the Wrath of Typhone Blue?  Um, nope, the drummer just disagreed with “the sisterhood.”  And they lost gigs and people say derogatory things on their Youtube videos.  Imagine that, everyone says “we need more womyn in STEM.” But now they are demonizing these womyn of Rock.  I wonder, if the Mich Fest returns, will these ladies be allowed to play?



4 thoughts on “Read the comments….

  1. This post reminded me of the Mesa/Boogie I used to have: a Stereo-Simul 2:90 (running eight 6L6GT tubes). It was a good power amp, but I was running into a junk cab — one of those Peavey 4×12 jobs with the “Sheffield” speakers that sounded like my ass. The preamp was garbage too (should have bought the TriAxis I guess). I was using a Digitech 2101, which was one of those ’90s rack processors that has “every fuckin’ sound, dude”, and a dual tube preamp that also sounds like my ass. I’m sure that much of the overall muddy, unpleasant and generally ambiguous sound I was getting can be chalked up to operator error, but then, processors like that were not really designed to be operated in any sensible way — they were designed to make it sound like you have a recording studio between your guitar and your amp. What actually sounded much better when playing with a band was an old ’77 Peavey solid state head, dry with Eq, into the same cabinet with one of those Boss Super Overdrive pedals — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Of course I’ve had better sounds than that too since then, but it just goes to show that when it comes to guitar and processing, less is more. Call me old-fashioned, but if you need a guitar rack that (as Toni Iommi would say) looks like it belongs on bleeding Star Trek…then something is wrong with your music.

    As for that girl band…more serious issues aside, whatever festival they are playing at is one I won’t be attending. They don’t sound very good. Not horrible, but not very good either.

    Man, that Boogie was loud though…I remember the blue electron field lighting up in the first stage of tubes when it was really working.

      1. They always tell you that there is a difference between tube power and solid state power… As it is applied to guitar amplification, there certainly is, in my experience (he wasn’t very scientific, by the way — he could have at least given a dB value per a specific distance, like 1m)

        You know, conventional wisdom has always been that having tube distortion and solid state power is the best compromise, if not all tube. To tell you the truth, I think they have it backwards: I have found some very tasty results with using (quality) solid state distortion and tube power. Ever delved into that?

      2. as far as the last part, that’s what allot of guys are doing these days, they are using an Axe FX or a Kemper profiler then using the power section of a Marshall or Mesa.

        haven’t personally delved into that, though…

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