The hypocrisy of Liberals…

Here’s a funny article…

Fuckerberg thinks it’s okay for him to have a wall, but not the US…

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is a 2 faced cocksucker who would rip you off in a second.  And I did think it was funny when I saw Mexicans smashing Trump pinata’s. However, this Zuckerberg fellow thinks one set of rules apply to him and another to everyone else.  He tapes of the camera on his computer because he values privacy, but if you sign up for Facebook, you sure as shit won’t have privacy.  Hell, they are tracking you like the NSA…

Just imagine, “tough guy,” when you sent those dick pic’s to that “man-0-sphere” groupie you thought was a womyn they ended up places you never expected.  Oh, well, now Jack Donovan knows what you are packing, as well as O’Bombya and creepy Zuckerberg.





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