4rth buzzed

hahaha, so I drank some Sapporo and I was offered a shot of Saki, but since I would not be flying into any aircraft carriers I declined.  (Cue alt-reich libtards crying wacist for that one.) Damn, those fuckers we beat in WWII make good beer. As far as stinky Murrikkka– Love the land, hate the government.


Anyways, here’ some jams from that country that just exited the stupid union but we exited them because we didn’t want to pay taxes to a bunch of flamers like Milo Y….

2 thoughts on “4rth buzzed

    1. here ya go…

      when I first heard this song, people told me it was metal, but it sounds more like punk rock to me now…

      ..ironically, the guy plays a cop on TV..

      and, the band that made Henry Rollins famous…

      there as also an old punk band called Millions of Dead Cops (MDC)

      funny how all the “red pillaz” are all pro-cop like Fat Morney…

      more and more I realize the man-0-sphere and MGTOW is just as bad as feminism…

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