MGTOW and the Man-0-sphere is corrupt and like AVfM should be left to fail..

I think this song is funny…


I realize most in the manuresphere along with the “libertarian” tough guys who post at places like Shedding of The Ego would sneer at this song in the same manner that an overweight feminist would sneer at an image of a Playboy playmate.  Somehow I could just see some feminist sneering at a homeless man in some overpriced shithole like San Francisco and say that he is privileged because he is male.  Then one of the Shedding of the Ego “libertarian” MGTOW would be walking from his tech job and sneer at the homeless man.  He would demand that free markets rule all and this man is a loser because he is not fit to live whereas techieboi is Darwin’s survival of the fittest while demanding that the homeless man be subjected to a tax for smelling bad.  Really, I can’t stand any of these fuckers and I am glad that I limit my exposure to these fuckers only to the internet.

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