More and more it is looking like MGTOW is a label that attracts nutters who want to hammer low status men into the ground and spread conspiracy theory…

How do you identify these toxic individuals?

it’s quite easy…

  1. They refer to other men as “beta” and yammer on and on about a red pill/blue pill dicotomy.  Sounds like another nutter group that whines endlessly about hegemonic masculinity and patriarchy, shit, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were bad parody’s of each other.
  2. They talk a tough guy talk on economics without even acknowledging history as recent as WW2.
  3. They try to make a cahreer on youtube when MGTOW can simply be reduced to not marrying and not cohabitating with a woman.
  4. They push alt-rite idears like HBD and KKKultural Marxizm.
  5. They recommend institutions such as law enforcement and military where men will kill other men to protect systems that destroy low status males.
  6. They say that one group of men aren’t mature enough to vote but they can go die in stinky was, just because…
  7. Much like liberals, they are easily offended…

And that is how you create your, haha, “safe space.”



4 thoughts on “fakeTOW

  1. I thought you handled the thing with CS MGTOW poorly, but to be honestly, I regret white knight for him. He did a hangout with someone who called for the vote to be taken away from poor men.

    I have decided to have zero tolerance for talk like that, as it is blatantly anti mael

    1. this has all happened in American history. One used to need to own property to vote…


      But do you think a non-property owning man was immune from military conscription? And ad to that, in many cities a house can cost half a million or more. Only a wealthy person can bring in that kind of dough and many professionals prefer to rent as it affords them more mobility.

      It amazes me that these guys who consider themselves “intellectual vanguards” are so ignorant of history. Or maybe hey do know their history but they view themselves as “monarchist’s” ala the “dark enlightenment.”

      Older men have proven that they will treat younger men like absolute garbage, a visit to AVfM is evidence of that and if you need more then you can always read about Utah’s “Lost Boys.” He needed to be called out and I’m surprised that no one was willing to do it. All these guys act like tough guys and when you have a well thought out argument, they just respond with insults. I shouted back at him and he didn’t really provide a counter-argument….

      ….also, just because someone is wealthy does not mean they will lead well. Just look at Trump. Many wealthy people did not create a thing, they are wealthy because of family advantages, rent seeking and other factors….

      Could say more but don’t really feel like it…

  2. Unity and group-think of any kind is antithetical to true MGTOW, which is simple isolation from the feminine. I don’t care what banner they fly — one either goes their OWN way, or they don’t.

    Running down of low-status males is exclusively a function of the mating game, which is only played by men who have not gone their own way in the slightest.

    These guys obviously aren’t going their own way, but what they are doing is waving the banner of MGTOW as a gesture of protest against women. As always, it’s one thing to talk about it, and another to BE about it.

  3. I’m certainly not alone by being repelled by the Alpha/Beta-dichotomy. I think that most of us can agree that there are men of lower and higher status. Separating our gender into two groups is way too simplifying and leaves no room for overlaps and transisions, though. It just feels very restraining and there’s only sense in constantly applying this model if you’re in a relative strong societal position from which you can afford to shit on “weak men” and blame them for the decay of society.

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