….how MGTOW is failing low status men….

Here’s an article on male suicide…

“Pressure to be the main breadwinner within a household is particularly pronounced amongst males. Just over two-fifths (42 per cent) feel this pressure compared to only 13 per cent of females with 81 per cent of males saying this pressure comes from `themselves`.”

“Males are significantly more likely to have lost their job previously (54 per cent compared to 35 per cent of females) and to have lost their job more than once (25 per cent compared to ten per cent of females).”

“Single men, those separated and divorced, are more likely to think they lack essential qualities and abilities suggesting their view may have been affected by their lone status or past experiences. Men aged 25-34 years are significantly more likely to feel they lack some of these qualities. Unsurprisingly there is an evident connection between a feeling of lacking qualities/abilities and depression, risk taking behaviour and frustration with life.”


Now the above article isn’t particularly great but it suggests something that I’ve suspected.  A suicidal man likely feels like a failure in his career or sexual relationships and doesn’t see things getting better…

Just imagine a man in immense pain.  He types a few words into google and then has the misfortune of clicking on AVfM.  Hopefully, something in his gut stirs him to look away and to go onto something else.  Hell, even a porn site is likely better for his psychological health, what’s left of it… But imagine if he logs in, gets a membership and tries telling his story.  He winds up disagreeing with one of the schoolmarm female moderators.  He gets shouted down and his masculinity ripped to shreds by none other than that bully Paul Elam.  Do you think that could convince him to pull the trigger?  Do you?

Now imagine a guy a few years younger.  A similar pain to the man above but a slightly different combination of words and it leads him to somewhere like shedding of the ego.  He may have just lost his job.  He’s getting unemployment, enough to cover rent but not much else.  Savings, what’s that?  So he’s thinking of applying for food stamps just to have enough to eat.  Do you think the “libertarian tough guys” would have any compassion for this man?  Do you think they might go onto some right wing rant that this guy is going to raise their taxes because of his “entitlement” to a free meal?  Do you think this man could get any worthwile support form “MGTOW”?  Do you think their rants about how great they are with their six, no seven figure jobs and anyone who isn’t is a scum leech might make him want to pull the trigger? Do you?


5 thoughts on “….how MGTOW is failing low status men….

  1. I very much agree with what you’re saying here. i strongly dislike this sociopathic “fuck everyone else, I got mine” attitude that’s prominent within MGTOW circles. They’re already in the process of being consumed by the alt right, and losing relevancy. We need a lot less bitching about “leftists” and “welfare leeches” and a lot more like sheedingoftheego.

  2. MGTOW: Never give a women or a white knight the legal, financial, social, physical, financial or psychological power to destroy your life.

    ANTI-MGTOW: Say whatever is necessary to keep men from becoming MGTOWs, for our own sake. We need those little disposable betas to keep getting destroyed. It’s good for the womenz and white knightz – dontcha know.

    Women and white knights hate beta males. Why? Because they’re ‘good guys’. Women and white knights look down their noses at men capable of responsibility, devotion, love, empathy and compassion. Why? Too boring. Not enough excitement. Easily manipulated. Boring, boring, boring. Plus – there’s a ton of money to be made and much forced wealth transfer to be had to the benefit of women and white knights – which is why ever more anti-male laws and policies need invoking. Beta males, while the engine of society, are the scorn of the earth. They need to be kept in their place – lest women and white knights suffer.

    It’s all so simple – yet so difficult to comprehend for those without a clear understanding of women’s and white night’s hatred of 90% of men. How does one counter their hatred? Cut off their life support – which is your eventual destruction. Sever their jugular – their hatred of betas. Simply refuse to leave yourself vulnerable to the laws, policies and social constructs they use to destroy your life. Simple, simple, simple.

  3. There is nothing hateful in the MGTOW movement; just absolute pragmatism. If a guy makes decisions that MGTOW have warned against, despite the warning, why should that same person be issued the same warning again? They got the input and ignored it. The repercussions are their own to deal with. MGTOW isn’t a support group, it is a guideline to avoid being damaged by the feminist agenda. You don’t argue with a ‘No Entry’ sign if you drive the wrong way down a one way Street and have an accident. You don’t have the right to declare that the sign wasn’t big enough or in the right place or that the sign didn’t burst all your tyres as you cruised past. Men need to be responsible for themselves. Ironically it is not true of women and MGTOW warns of this.

    1. I would’ve agreed with this statement even a year ago. I might even agree with you that what is essentially a MGTOW philosophy is to give men a roadmap to avoid many of the dangers of modern society. However, what I have witnessed of so-called MGTOW’s like Stardusk and CS MGTOW is a hatred of other men (usually of lower status) that is comparable (and possibly worse) then that of rad fems and “M(h)RA’s” like Paul Elam. So, perhaps, MGTOW as an idea has something worthwile whereas the personalities of MGTOW are just as horrible as the personalities of feminism and the M(h)RM.

  4. Great article and I can understand your viewpoint clearly. I too beleive in problem solving, as most analytical minds do. There is an imperative to better understand our core elements of what makes our genders different (in a heterosexual standpoint). I just posted something similar on my WordPress, let me know what you think.
    Tru Man

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