two wrongs make an (alt) right


Wake up guys, this fucker is not pro low status men.  He uses his homosexuality the way a feminist woman uses being a girl.  He throws punches then cries “vyctym” when anyone else punches back-if that’s not “privilege” then I don’t know what is.  He wants men to get circumcised because he finds it “pretty” but he doesn’t give one flying fuck if an infant boy is mutilated.  Just remember, Judgy Bitch, Jack Donovan, Milo Y, Paul Elam–they don’t give a flying fuck about low status men, they just want to profit off of them.  Expose these fuckers for what they are.  Don’t let the “feminist critique” be the only critical statement against these scum who, quite frankly are just as anti-male as the feminist’s they claim to hate.

8 thoughts on “two wrongs make an (alt) right

  1. Can you give an example of him hiding behind his orientation? In other words, has he ever claimed that someone was attacking him on account of being gay? Or, has he ever implied that he shouldn’t be attacked because he’s gay?

    1. right here…

      (saying he would be hypothetically thrown off a roof…)

      now, as you know, homosexuality most certainly exists in the middle east with gruesome accounts of warlords hurting young boys. (why didn’t he bring that up in his smear piece?) there are also stories of “all men’s spaces” where “third gender” and men have sex with men. As you also know, prostitution is prevalent in the middle east. And you have likely seen persian women who are heavily made up in high heels, lots of jewelery. There is one image of the middle east we are being given and, well, another reality. Now I’m not some Berkley liberal saying we should have unrestricted immigration by any means, and in fact, I’d throw Milo, Roosh and a whole lotta others over a wall if I could…

      …look at his “call to action”-similar to white nationalists trying to shame men into protecting women after the “Cologne Assaults.” He does in fact talk about how “persecuted” women are in the middle east. But there are many accounts of women from there saying that their modesty is not a form of oppression. In fact, the youtube star who was recently murdered was adored by her father. These women even realize they get some benefit from a “patriarchy.”

      …follow the bread crumbs…

      …you probably want something more “conclusive.” Well, this isn’t mortgage underwriting, hehe. Who is more “persecuted,” Jessica Valenti or Bill O’Reilly, they both whine that people want them dead. Would you create a formula that JV is this famous while BO is that famous then divide it by number of “threats” and see who is more of a “vyctym”…

      1. Heh, methinks you’ve been hanging around Black Pill and Tamerlame too long.

        This analysis is kind of non-sequitur, to be honest. If Milo were using the examples of Muslims throwing gays off of buildings as a retort against someone arguing against him on some other issue, then I could see your point — kind of like Clarence Thomas shutting down the debate at his Supreme Court confirmation hearings by calling it a high-tech lynching — but I don’t see Milo doing that here. Did I miss something? It looks like he’s arguing a point about Muslims invading Europe, et al and putting certain groups of people at elevated risk; I don’t see how this article is a reaction to “when anyone else punches back” — who is punching back against what?

        Here’s an example for you: I, as a proud “infidel”, am being subjected to more risk of being beheaded, ran over, blown up, burned alive, gunned down or otherwise butchered by a Muslim “refugee” than is a moderate Muslim living in my country, although the moderate Muslim is also subjected to some degree of elevated risk due to mass Muslim invasion. Now, by simply pointing that fact out, am I somehow playing the “vyctym” now, as a response to things that have been said (or not said) against the content of my own blog?

  2. okay, here’s one for ya….

    I am a fan of rock music, in fact, the drummer for Eagles Of Death Metal, the band who was playing during the shooting in France has a band I have seen live, Queens of the Stone Age. Those muslim extremists want to shoot up rock music fans for sure. I **could be** at a rock show where some muzzies go sicko. However, I don’t base my identity as **guy at rock show** the same as all those people murdered at the Bataclan.

    You **may be** more at risk to get killed by an extremist than a non extremist Muslim. I **may be** more at risk. The reality is a degenerate like Milo Y is more at risk by visiting bathhouses than by being killed by an extremist. In fact you or I would be placing ourselves at greater risk by visiting prostitutes…..

    In one way I almost respect Milo, he is a great troll. HE is demanding liberal men protect him the way trashy European women and white nationalists are demanding men protect women in Europe. Obviously, you can see why the best thing is to just walk away. The “call to action” means little to me because I have about as much fear of being called a homophobe as a misogynist. But it IS the same call to action John Angelo Gage and other creepster WN’s used. The irony is that allot of “right leaning men” are afraid of being called “homophobic.” I actually think he has talent in recognizing where things are at “culturally” and then stirring up shit. But it ends there.

    I don’t think he will do one thing to help low status men. In fact look at how he shamed video game playing men with the same condescending sneer as a fucking feminist until he decided to be the queen of gamergate.

    ” I understand why young people might get the odd thrill from beating up a bad guy, or catching a glimpse of a nipple or two. But there’s something a bit tragic, isn’t there, about men in their thirties hunched over a controller whacking a helmeted extraterrestrial? I’m in my late twenties, and even I find it sad. And yet there are so many of them – enough to support a multi-billion dollar video games industry. That’s an awful lot of unemployed saddos living in their parents’ basements.”

    Now I gotta admit this was funnier than shit…

    So if you wanna critique muzzies, I ain’t gonna stop you. Freedom of speech, it’s a beautiful thing…

    Nonetheless, you will get a laugh outta this…

    “Now, by simply pointing that fact out, am I somehow playing the “vyctym” now, as a response to things that have been said (or not said) against the content of my own blog?”

    Nope, because as a presumably low status male or as the liberals love to say a het cis male, very few people care about your victim hood….

    but as a flamming rich queer, Milo virtually has a “woman card.”

  3. That video was too painful to be enjoyed — painful because it’s basically true.

    When it comes to Milo, I guess I appreciate his sociology-politically ironic attack campaign too much to care about the nuances of his disposition with low-status men. Right now, he is like a big long strand of tattered carpet thread caught up in the spinning brush of the liberal vacuum cleaner, and I’m just enjoying the screeching sounds and burning smell while it lasts. I never really expected him to have any more of a sense of the plight of low-status men than the next self-identified professional provocateur. Don’t let one article by him on “The Sexodus” lure you into thinking otherwise — that will just lead to disappointment.

    I still don’t understand where this “white nationalist” stuff keeps coming from…

    But anyway, there is only one thing on this earth that is going to help low-status men, and it sure as hell isn’t video games: it’s legalized prostitution. Morality is morality, and that’s a private issue with regard to prostitution, as far as I’m concerned; but as long as there is a public affront against legalized and regulated Nevada-style prostitution, low-status men need look no further to see who the real enemy is.

    1. there was a mistake that was made in the days of Forney’s Inmalafide-the enemy of my enemy must be my friend. That is not the case. Judgy Bitch may be an anti-feminist but she is doubly invested in keeping men in the disposable role. She is no friend of mine, in fact she is even worse than some feminists.

      Legalized prostitution would only help if you have the disposable income. However, it would be funnier than shit to go on a dating site and say, “Hey lady, be nice, because I can have a whole bunch of fun with someone better looking than you for the cost of a video game.” It would also take away any power from any PUAtard. Roosh V “I’m a real man, I porked a drunk, fat feminist I met at a bar last night.” Low status male, “I was about to walk into a whorehouse, but your mom and sister stopped me and said why are you gonna pay when you can have this for free. In fact we’ll pay you stud.”

      “I still don’t understand where this “white nationalist” stuff keeps coming from… ”

      apparently they want low status men to support them. They are just openly racist liberals.

  4. Okay, I followed that link, and tried to watch the video, but then I noticed that it was just a screen capture of a video with no link or any way to see for oneself the content of it. I guess we are just supposed to take Barbarossaa’s word for it on who that guy is and what he’s saying.

    I hate to say this, but people like Black Pill and Barbarossaa both strike me as being pretty “black-centric”, which is what I call black people who are obsessed with racial issues and see everything through that lens, to the point where white chocolate candy bars are some kind of racial affront. For anything wrong in this world to be designated as some function of white nationalism is what I expect from those guys. Not to say that there are no white nationalists who are also fundamentally gynocentric blue-pill manginas — I’ve never denied that — but I guess I just don’t see how that ‘s really a significant faction in the grand scheme of things, worthy of anyone’s attention.

    Frankly, I don’t even hear much out of white nationalism these days, not that I went out of my way to listen to those guys — I’m hearing a lot more out of the cop assassins, universities pathologizing “whiteness”, BLM rioters, the New Black Panthers and and all the rest.

    1. unfortunately the OG video got taken down by Gage, so that one isn’t BarBar’s fault. Now, the unpolitically correct thing that I just can’t help saying. WN’s just pontificate on the interwebs while BN’s are getting things done (if you want to include murdering cops there,well, I won’t stop you.) Kind of like when people scream at MRA’s that at least feminist’s are getting things done even if they have an odious philosophy. WN’s pedastalizing white women is a whole other topic I’m not even gonna touch…

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