This is why I can’t stand liberals/progressives

They think they are right about everything and can’t tolerate any dissent…

Read this.

“WGBH reporter Adam Reilly captured the circus on video, asking Stein whether she was concerned that her opposition to Clinton might tip the election to Trump.

She sure wasn’t. The rise of right-wing extremism in this country, Stein said, is being driven by NAFTA, globalization, and the big banks, all promoted by “the Clintons,” she said.”

Actually a sensible thing said by Stein.

“Putting another Clinton in the White House will fan the flames of this right-wing extremism,” she said. “We have known that for a long time, ever since Nazi Germany.”


Read some fucking history…

Of course Jack Off Donovan, Andre Anglin and all the stormfags, while they pontificate about made up shit like HBD are absolutely ignorant of this.  Yet halfbreed me is the subhuman animal according to them, and I have a basic grasp of history.

The resentments of a warlike people alongside a really bad deal allowed the third reich to come to power.

This is where you can see the condescending arrogance of a liberal: “Hey, you’re off the hook, Adolf. Neoliberalism, not your unhinged demagoguery, brought us the Third Reich.”

Look at how bad a deal so many Americans have gotten in the past 20 years while the Clinton’s rake in their millions for closed doors speeches to Goldman Sachs.  It’s as condescending as listening to a feminist calling an incel man a sexually entitled nice guy.  All while telling women they can go out and party with their Warmachine boyfriend then tell the same “sexless losers” that they are fucking misogynist’s for not standing in the way of the fists of these broads’ Warmachine boyfriend when he decides he needs a human punching bag.  Then ranting feminizm help teh menz ™ ….



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