The irony of the HBD and “Game” kults

You may have noticed that those flawed individuals who accept the religion of “game” also accept the pseudoscience of HBD.  “Game” pre-supposes that you can learn a bag of tricks and then seduce virtually any woman.  Not only that, you can keep her in line indefinitely with more “game.”  HBD assumes that one group is inherently superior because of higher IQ test scores.

Now, I could go into great detail debunking both “game” and HBD, but many others before me have done this pretty well.  One thing that I have observed is that “gamers” are now making statements that it would be great if a significant part of the male population was killed off in wars so they would have an easier time getting laid.  The irony here is that if their “bag of tricks” actually worked, they wouldn’t have to fear male competition.

Another thing I have noticed with the HBD crowd is that they will complain endlessly about things like affirmative action.  If they really were members of a “master race,” it shouldn’t effect them negatively at all.  After all, the cream rises to the top.  Isn’t that the crux of their theory?  If they truly were a notch above merely by being a member of a specific race, shouldn’t they rise to the top even in adverse conditions where they were discriminated against?


8 thoughts on “The irony of the HBD and “Game” kults

  1. Stardusk is now going down the Asian fetishist route in his latest video.

    That should make the weeb mgtow happy.

  2. As someone who has both benefitted from affirmative action type schemes (priority by virtue of being a woman] and been denied access to schemes due to it (white, British], it definitely makes a difference. The difference is connections, safety and time. When I was given preferential treatment in a “youth at risk” housing scheme I was allowed to live in a safer position, develop a healthy rapport with a more involved counsellor who got me more perks, save time on travel and schooling and save money compared to the men who did not get on the scheme. They had to work through their A-levels, live in youth hostels and house shares with other young men and couples on the program, live a distance from school, spend more on food, etc. However great you are, you can’t deny that my situation was far more conductive to improvement. And I didn’t even finish my university degree. They would probably have benefitted from it more. On the other hand, maybe I would have stayed in university if I had received further assistance with housing costs, or the opportunity to live near enough that I could handle lectures and a job at once, or if my mental issues had been noted sooner and I had been given more time on my work. I’m not saying I was entitled to those things, only that if they are being handed out, the person who gets them will naturally have an advantage over those who do not. Time, money and connections rule supreme. And regardless of IQ, skills or whatever else, the person with time, money and connections wins.

    1. I don’t disagree with your point about time, money, connections, in fact this is almost the oldschool definition of “privilege.” It is just that the HBD’ers/gamers have such a skewed view of reality that doesn’t even seem consistent within itself.

      1. This is true, but it is always worthwhile to find the grain of truth, so you can put the chaff into perspective. It’s like with game and women: not every woman will spread her legs for game, but acting like a celebrity, in a celebrity-obsessed culture, will get a lot of celebrity-obsessed women interested. You know, just in case.

  3. “Now, I could go into great detail debunking […] “game” […] but many others before me have done this pretty well.”

    Yeah, Aaron Sleazy for example has done a good job on that. I don’t know why you’ve accused him of being a scammer. He definitely can come off sometimes as a condescending, try-hard witty asshole, though. The direction which he has taken recently striked me with surprise.

    1. Maybe “scammer” is going too far, but… He seemed “legit” when all he was talking about was flaws in “game” but then he was selling “anti-game.” (GLL seemed legit in this aspect too, but he seems to sell “male supplements” almost like Alex Jones.) Now he seems to be selling Alt-rite lite and he’s even defending Roosh. (As odious as Roosh is, I understand defending free speech, but after that, let him hang out to dry, he picked his own fights and would look down upon me in real life.)

      I did kind of attack them. (Tamerlane accuses me of going off too hard on someone I disagree with.) However, it seems to be getting echo-chambery over there. He was selling one thing and when presumably, he saw diminishing returns, he began selling something else. Much like Stardusk heading into alt-rite territory as he was asking for donations to “support himself.” In fact if you look at Capt. Capitalism from 2011-2012, he seemed like a reasonable right leaning guy whom you could have a beer with even if you disagreed, but he moved more and more to the lunatic fringe. Is that what is going on with with these guys?

  4. I have always seen the peculiar overlap between those who believe in HBD and “Game” as an example of doublethink.

    It is like how rich democrats can believe HRC is boldly progressive as well as working in their best interests. Or how average consistently republican voters loudly proclaim their hate for socialism but love social security and medicare. Or how supposedly progressive feminists are OK with killing civilians by drones as long as the committee making such decisions is “diverse” and “inclusive”.

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