More liberal hypocrisy…

Let’s get two things outta the way here quick…

Doxxing is wrong…

Someone being shutdown for wrong doing IS NOT limiting free speech…

One the first part, you mighta heard about a creepster creeping on gay Olympians

Now on the second part, you probably heard about Milo Y’s publicity stunts that he claims were limiting his free speech…  But let’s get real here, for an opportunistic narcissistic  creature like Milo, the only bad press is no press.  He gets to play vyctym and  his fanboize chant louder and louder he got a raw deal, brah.

Okay, tough guy, as a low status male, I don’t have much dog in the fight between so-called left wingers and right wingers.  They both look down upon me as a worthless piece of shit.  So I’ll hold them both to the same standard.

Now you mighta heard about Gawker’s troubles.  And much like misguided Milo, some are trying to misappropriate free speech.  If a corporate platform behaves badly and opens itself up to legal action, this is not a case of free speech.  This sounds like the “too big to fail” bullshit we heard circa 2008. Ironically, Nick Denton, a gay treated another gay man badly yet I’m the fucking homophobe because I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with liquored up, lipsy Milo Yiannopoulos.  If Peter Theil felt wronged by the sleazetastic forces at Gawker and found it worthy to back another man, Hulk Hogan who was also wronged, the only unfair part to this story is that poor men such as myself don’t have such recourse against the mistreatment they must endure.  But the nutjob liberals will still tell me to “check my privilege.”


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