all wrong, err, alt rite goes lamestream…

Well, have you noticed creepsters like Aaron Sleazy and Stardusk using rhetoric that gets closer and closer to Roosh V each day?  Maybe they were always closet racists and now they feel “empowered” to cum on out.  Or maybe they are snake oil salesmen who see  a growing movement  and will say anything to close a deal.  They likely saw Roosh V and Aaron Clarey selling a defective product but instead of being called out, sales grew as they embraced the alt-rite.  Well…libtardscucktrumpblowmilocrybabies

5 thoughts on “all wrong, err, alt rite goes lamestream…

    1. I could say that just like the bedroom, the voting booth is personal….

      Or I could say I’m “principled” and vote for pothead Gary’s Johnson.

      Or, I could be a shit stirrer and vote for that crazy Jill Stein broad. Y’know, I saw a forum where a bunch of feminist liberals were within an inch of calling her a bitch and cunt for ruining Crooked Hillary’s chances. And that Young Turks turd doesn’t seem to like her much…

      I probably won’t vote for Trump but think it’ll be funny if he’s elected. He’ll probably break all his promises, cozy on up to Israel and fuck up a bunch of trade agreements (that are bad for poor Americans anyways.) Since I ain’t someone with an 80k a year non-profit job, I don’t have a thing to worry about. But all the Democrats and National Review types are horrified. No matter who wins, a bottom feeder like me loses, so whatever. I worked with a racist, sleazebag Mexican. If Trumpiepoops does build a wall, well, I’ll help throw that guy and Roosh V over. And if Eurotrash like Aaron Sleazy tries to come into the US to escape Muzlim hordes (code for visit Nevada brothels) well, lets make ’em pay reparations for the big dubya dubya 2.

      And, yeah, there’s no way in hell I’m voting for Crooked Hillary.

  1. “if Eurotrash like Aaron Sleazy tries to come into the US to escape Muzlim hordes (code for visit Nevada brothels)”

    Feel free to enlighten me about this meme, Stoner. I guess that my daily digestion of bloggosphere shit is remarkably lower than yours, so I’m not that much educated on the “codes” (Not that I use my time for anything more useful. After all, I browse imageboards). Yeah, Herr Sleazy definitely is officially alt-right now. After all, he uses “cuck”, “dindu” and even seriously approves of a race realist study which he’s dropped in the comment section of one of his posts. At this point, I don’t think that you surely can say that “His heart is in the right place”(BP) anymore. One has to take care when dealing with this guy’s content.

    1. I don’t know if there’s an “official” code, that’s just me talking outta my arse..

      I bet Sleazy would start crying if someone left this on his blog…

      but just like a feminist, all the comments are in moderation.

      1. Posting that vid would be appropriate if our sleazy friend finally starts pushing the envelope in terms of try-hard edginess and discusses the necessities of genocide at his blog.

        Speaking of Inglorious Bassturds and right-winged, womanizing, higher status males who seek better opportunities in “The West” while everything else is going to shit, this might be the better fitting scene:

        Sleazy Dude’s probably played his target audience in a way, most can’t grasp. He knows the alpha-beta dichotomy is unnecessary at best for explaining human social dynamics. It’s just used for self elevation anyway. Placing a few idiot tests here and there certainly is a common habit for someone who grew up as a genious amongst dumbasses. They’re going to swallow it anyway because they “don’t deserve any better”. After all, it started with the question of how to get laid easily which isn’t necessarily a high-brow topic, to be honest.

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