…when a man says he can’t get laid…

He’s really saying he can’t have the kind of sex he would like with a partner he finds attractive…

If this sounds strange, let me draw an analogy…

…if someone says she can’t find work…

She really saying she can’t find a job with wages she finds fair and work/working conditions she finds at the very least tolerable…

If you peruse job ads online  you might see $Telemarketing$ jobs.  They might vaguely say base vs. draw.  They might say ba$e pay then commi$$ion only. If you were to actually send over a resume, you might get invited to an interview in a windowless building in a not great part of town.  You might see some dejected souls, err, 6 figure earners puffing on smokes in the makeshift “break area.”  You might be a bit surprised when you find out it is a group interview.  After thirty minutes of “Smile and Dial, Fake it too Make it, The Sky’s the Limit and Attitude Is Everything” you still realize you don’t know what the company sells nor do you understand the “pay structure.”    You are then instructed to fill out a survey online before 12:01 AM, great now come on in on Monday for training.  Is training paid you may sheepishly enquire?

“–What, wha, don’t worry about that, coffee is for closers, real men get laid and closers get paid.  Otherwise hit the streets jack.  Join a fucking union if you want to sit on your but and collect a check, it’s even better than welfare or so I hear…”

Well, if this was your choice for work, might you not continue to peruse the want ads until something, shall we say, a little better came along?

If you live anywhere near a big city, there is probably a sex club.  And there are most likely private parties whether they are held at residences or in hotels.   Might take a while to figure out the “code,” if it says “all inclusive,” don’t get too scared when a Jagoff Donovan type fella in a dress tells you “gendar is a social construct, let’s get a room sweetie.”  And BBW isn’t a variation on BMW.  BBC is not the British Broadcasting Channel, though you will meet many members of the Alt-Rite, for ahem field studies regarding HBD.  But let’s just say for argument’s sake that you push through your anxieties.  You drive on over and pay the exorbitant “door fee.”  Maybe you feel most comfortable telling tales and guzzling nasty beer with the gruff jarhead as a few people couple off.  Maybe the slightly strange broad with the model like physique and busted face invites several guys to one of the rooms.  Do you follow to see if you may partake at what may unfold?  Maybe you find yourself talking to a chain smoking woman at least 15 years your senior.  You think she’s not in half bad shape for her age.  She brushes up against your arm and let’s you know she is open to the idea of going to a room “but NOTHING happens without my husband.”

You might find what you are looking for at one of these parties or you might have too keep looking.  Perhaps being dudebroe #24 when empowered feminist womyn has her sex pozzie gangbang might not be on your list of life goals to accomplish.  You might be able to get laid, but…

Here’s the problem….

…if you are a low status male…

…just like the unemployed person is sick of hearing how employers face a “labor shortage”….

…you’re likely not very happy to hear womyn face a shortage of “good men”…

…you may be able to get laid but it might mean compromising your principles…

…you might feel weird at “paying for sex.”

…you might feel weird “hitting a woman” because 50 shades or some other bullshit…

…you might feel weird at “group sex” because maybe the only cock you wanna see is your own…

However, society will either expect you to “man up” or quietly endure celibacy.  If you complain you will be told you are “entitled” and that you have unrealistic expectations…

12 thoughts on “…when a man says he can’t get laid…

  1. There was a time when I proclaimed that there was no such thing as “incel”, because anyone physically able to could get laid, somehow, albeit not necessarily how they wanted to. I had to rethink that: being involuntarily celibate didn’t mean that a guy was celibate, without having chosen to be so, only because he was incapable of being anything but; he may be able to get laid under terms he doesn’t want, but that doesn’t mean that he planned things to go that way — even though he made choices that led to it, that doesn’t mean he volunteered for it. If it did, then I guess that all contracts signed under duress should be valid, right? “Hey, you made your choice between signing the contract and getting a bullet in your head, so you can’t complain about the terms! It’s what you wanted!” Anyway, I decided that incel is a real thing for ordinary guys who couldn’t get laid under acceptable terms.

    It seems like there are two different kinds of people who pass judgment on a guy who identifies as incel… The first kind is that who decides if he qualifies as incel or not based on their own standards, not the standards of the incel himself. In other words, they tell the incel that they would stoop as low as he has the option of stooping to get laid, but they themselves don’t even have options that good (which likely isn’t really true). The other kind are those who would never stoop that low themselves because the do have better options, and exercise those options regularly, but goad the incel into going for it anyway by saying that they WOULD if they too were in that situation — they are hoping he will go for it because that will good for a laugh and make them feel ever more superior.

    I guess it doesn’t matter much in the long run, since no one in the mainstream talks about incel as something real, and SJWs try to expunge the internet of all discussion about it, as if that will somehow make it go away.

    Whatever terms one identifies with, choices have to be made. All I can say is that between ending up the 40 Year Old Virgin and taking drastic measures, if one decides on the latter, then going the legal brothel route is really the best way. It’s way more expensive of course, and depending on how far one has to travel, it can’t really be done on a whim; but the reason it’s the best is because you take the uncertainty out of it. Unlike trying to pick up who-knows-what in one of the places you described, or trying to run on the traditional dating hamster wheel, or playing dodge-the-cops with escorts or streetwalkers and risk getting arrested just trying to lose the v-card, the legal route pretty much guarantees that you’ll get the job done — no more screwing around, just getting in there and getting it done once and for all. It’s also the safest way to go, and as close to having no strings attached as you can get.

    1. this was partially influenced by our previous discussion on ER. You mentioned that he drove to AZ for lottery tickets so he could’ve drove to NV for legalized prostitution but he didn’t for whatever reasons. Didn’t he also travel a bit? He may have been somewhere where it was legal at some point. For whatever reason, this option was not acceptable to him. Obviously I’m not endorsing shooting people, but it is his own right to not find that option appealing.

      I believe just as the unemployed person has a right to boundaries as far as what work they will accept, the low status man has the right to set boundaries as far as what he will accept as far as persuing sex.

      the other thing that influenced me writing this was an old exchange on a place called feminist critics where liberal Ballgame condescendingly talked down to a man named Rocket Frog. Rocket Frog said he had accepted that he isn’t attractive to women and Ballgame said “bullshit, there’s gotta be a 60 y/o woman somewhere that would find you attractive. I mad the point that he doesn’t owe it to womankind to approach 3 billion womne before he decides it’s not worth it.


      1. I seem to recall a similar argument elsewhere: “No, you COULD get it up for a fat girl!” When these come from people who would never poke a 60-year-old or a fat girl themselves, they are saying those things all for laughs. Those people should be ignored by all incel men.

      2. One of the tactics femanazi’s and liberals use is to say you aren’t staying in your league. You are only hitting on supermodels, of course you aren’t getting laid. Ironically, when they talk about league’s, they’d flip out if you say you wouldn’t get involved with a single mom because unlike a male feminist you don’t have any children (without the qualifier, “Not that I know of, tehehe…”) They don’t like leagues then. That is part of my point, that (some) guys could get laid if they accepted horrific situations such as many people could be employed in a similar circumstance-commission only selling an awful product no one wants.

  2. It’s also (not) funny to hear and read self-proclaimed “alpha males” claiming that lower status males should stay in their bullshit society and eat crap while those higher up on the societal ladder are of course perfectly justified to get the fuck out of there for better conditions.

    If you visit a hooker only for the sake of losing your virginity she’s better be smoking hot and highly skilled. Else, you just would carry another sting with you around for having blowed 50 bucks up in some average Jane’s ass. Of course, this is easy talk on my side since I live in a place where prostitution is legal.

    Off-Topic: Damn! This thing with Boxer went downhill pretty quick since I’ve expressed a little scepticism about “Uncle Sig”. I’ve never seen before on the internet how a person who appears actually quite reasonable has gone batshit so suddenly, and I’ve frequented some web communites that are much more batshit than this one, I tell you!

    1. the Boxer situations is awfully funny…

      He attacked my “status” several times. As a man who has called himself “low status” several times his attempts to insult me fell flat. When I attacked his character (he is intellectually dishonest) he didn’t have a thing to say. The “intellectual” with all his “peer reviewed papers” couldn’t even defend himself. Good work in helping expose a total fraud.

    2. “If you visit a hooker only for the sake of losing your virginity she’s better be smoking hot and highly skilled.”

      Oh man, you don’t know how right you are, hehehe! Of course, it’ll cost a lot more that $50, but it’s well worth it — even if you have to travel, that’s just part of the expense.

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