A portrait in “intellectual” dishonesty…

So, unfortunately, awhile back a charlatan of the level I have not seen since the days of “Clarence in Baltimore” showed up at Mr. Blackpill’s place.  He attacked people and rambled on about Sigmund Freud.  He bragged about his peer reviewed papers, then linked to white nationalist Jack Donovan.  Why would a sane person link to Jack Donovan???

My theory is that he thought he could shut down argument and use cheap shots.  Why would anyone try to look alpha when there aren’t any womyn around to impress, wait he did link to Donovan, hint, hint.  Alright, now I am taking cheap shots like he did. But I couldn’t help being my asshole self and leave this funny meme…fartovan

haha, it wasn’t even a personal attack, but his method of response, not trying to justify why he had linked to someone like Donovan but attacking my lack of status was telling:

“Here’s goony Jack Donovan; but he’s in a suit, before what I assume to be a crowd of people who paid to listen to him read one of his bizarro white nationalist papers

Not that this is any great accomplishment to us normal folks. We have to do things in suits, before crowds. (It’s called being productive).

When has “stonerwithaboner” been in this position? I’m guessing… never.”


Now the irony of attacking a man’s status when that man (me) refers to himself as a “low status male” is somewhat comparable to going to a fat acceptance blog and saying whassup fatties.  If it’s an attempt to insult, it falls flat because this is the place such “insults” are torn to pieces.  This troll’s quite frankly womanly behavior continued.  When one commentator said he no longer wished to engage the troll, (s)he condescendingly wrote a blog post and egged that commentator on for a response.  My response was to say that he was only doing this to create a double bind whereas if the commentator doesn’t respond he will be attacked for being a coward and if he does respond, the troll would have some of his info for doxx.

The troll responded thusly…


“Dear Kooky stonerwithaboner:

…if you don’t respond, he will call you an intellectual coward, if you do respond, he will have your ip address and email info for doxxing purposes…

Xxxxxxxx has already disagreed with me on my blog. If your delusions of grandeur were realistic, the Freudians would already be at the poor guy’s house to abduct him.


I’ll let you get back to discussing your Jewish conspiracies and pretending you’re important enough to “doxx” now.



Now we can see two things, first, I may not be important enough to doxx, but I was saying that he might the other gentleman, not myself.  It is this dishonest sleigh off hand that seems to be this troll’s forte.  The second thing was accusing me of “Jewish Conspiracies.”  I wonder where he pulled that out of, his ass perhaps?  In fact, if you do click on the link the troll provided, you will find his response to the previous gentleman: “Good catch! There is the truth, and then there is effective propaganda. I never claimed to be a perfectly honest man. I strive to effect change.
This sleazeball seems to operate under the same rules as a male feminist like David Futrelle.


Then I saw another commentator, who has commented on my blog reference a discussion we were having here:


The dishonest troll responded with this:

“Wow! You mean the lazy hack “stonerwithaboner” stole my content without citing me, and put it on his gay-ass blog? I’m shocked, just shocked, at this. lol”

It is evident I did not steal a thing from this troll.  In fact in the discussion with the previous commentator, it is mentioned that I wrote the blog post because of a previous discussion I had had with him and because of how I saw a “progressive/liberal” trash another man at the faux-pro-male Feminist Critics blog.

Now I have left the two commentator’s names out because there is no point dragging their names through the mud.  The only reason I pointed out the dishonesty of the troll is because such low calibre characters need to be spotted and called out ASAP whenever men are having a discussion.  Pointing out their tactics is a good way to fight them.

Now, this seems like a funny way to “engage” the troll…

I’m no fan of Alex Jones but I think the above video is funny.  And I think calling out trolls then leaving silly Youtube videos after their comments is the best way to deal with them.  Just like the best way to deal with nazi’s like Jack Donovan is silly meme’s they would find insulting.  They aren’t worth an “intellectual” arguement.  Remember it’s already been tried with feminists and proven pointless…

2 thoughts on “A portrait in “intellectual” dishonesty…

  1. RE: Your Alex Jones comment.

    When Jones had Trump on his show, he was practically drooling over the possibility of a Trump presidency. It’s too bad that Jones won’t use some humor on those he likes — it would be interesting.

    FYI, I wrote a piece on a possible Trump imperial presidency and how it would come about. Click on my name to go see it, if you’re curious. I will be back here to read more of what you’ve got.

    1. Have you seen the artwork of Ben Garrison? He does a great job ripping apart Hillary but he LOVES Trump. I don’t understand why these guys love Trump. I think the only thing you can expect with Trump is the unexpected. If you are in a position to profit from volatility, Trump might be your man.

      Just curious how you found the sight, I don’t expect the individual I was critical of to allow trackbacks…

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