Is “European Culture” worth saving???

So, in many “men’s spaces,” you hear endless talk about “gynocentrism.”  When many Alt-Righter’s wander over to these spaces, they talk about the “virtues” of “European Culture.”  In “European Culture,” things such as chivalry and marriage are promoted. These things are inherently “gynocentric,” so, I suppose you could enjoy listening to Mozart, but why would you want to “save” “European Culture.”  It becomes clear to me (and I may be guilty of reductionist black and white thinking) that if something is rotten, it should be thrown out.  If a man is interested in self sovereignty, why would he be so attached to a broken system???

4 thoughts on “Is “European Culture” worth saving???

  1. It’s definitely irritating to see how these smart ass alpha geniusses still praise old fart ideas about how a society should work. If they’re so intelligent, why don’t they bring up new solutions? It’s about time to leave this hole.

    Someone dropped this version of a certain pic the other day on wizchan:

    (the image above conatins a typo, btw.)

    1. that’s the rub of it. Don’t, say parts of Ireland hate other parts of Ireland but Jagoff Donovan and Andy Angwin talk about “white identity.” Why should I care about Germany when Hitler wanted to throw everyone in an oven? They use a sloppy definition of “Western culture” that includes Xtianity (but funny how they exclude Judiasm when that’s the first half of the book,) Mozart and perhaps even Freud. I would say that many ideas aren’t worth “saving” short of quickly analyzing them and seeing where there might be merit and what should be thrown out…

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