if you are a member of the alt-reich, you will not be allowed to be a metal fan and stay ideologically pure

so it occurred to me that “mosh” is most likely a Yiddish word.  Haha, if you are a member of that alt-rite you will be able to do disgusting things like become “blood brothers” with Jagoff Donovan whilst listening to Screwdriver but you will not be able to go near a mosh pit.

If you are aultreich, trigger warning, do no proceed any further because you will be exposed to Yiddish…


I wonder if Andrew Anglin and all the other limpwrists from Stormfag would like this?


Ooops, looks like the womyn of Stormfart already discussed this inbetween feMRA Judgy bitch ranting than more men needed to die in war while womyn sit home baking cookies.


2 thoughts on “if you are a member of the alt-reich, you will not be allowed to be a metal fan and stay ideologically pure

  1. Anthrax was fun back in ’97 when they toured with Pantera…the mosh pit probably was more fun for me than others, since I was wearing big steel-toed boots. Coal Chamber sucked my asshole.

    There was some little dumbass rock star — I don’t remember who — who declared that your music must be anti-God and/or anti-authority or whatever in rock music “if done correctly”… Anyone who thinks that anything under the umbrella of rock music has any “rules” to it is not doing it correctly.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Christian rock bands (I can’t stand to listen to that music, not even when it’s mainstream), inasmuch as they piss off anti-religion bands, are beating those bands at their own game. No, think about it — anti-religion themed rockers are trying to piss off religious people as much as they can (because it’s not like they are trying to piss off a god whom they don’t believe exists, so who else is there?) and yet they end up far more pissed off at Christian rockers for “defiling” the music they hold “sacred”. That’s pretty ironic, is it not?

    1. as far as Xtain bands, have you heard Extol?

      Very good stuff…

      Ironically, Satanist’s accept many of Xtian’s propositions but “put themselves on the other side of the coin.” Much like MRA’s and feminist’s. Yeah, I remember some weirdo making fun of me for liking Anthrax because “they wore shorts onstage” and therefore weren’t real metal. I like the riffs. Y’know, this shit all goes back to Chuck Berry and BB King, wonder how the ault-ryte likes that?

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