Odious, meet Mizz Odious


y’know, I can dislike Crooked Clinton and also be no fan of Terrible Trump…

I can dislike feminist’s and be no fan of a grifter like Paulie Boi Elam and the M(h)RA’s from AVfM.

Murrikan politics is so polarized that both “sides” have the attitude that if you aren’t with us, you are against us.

Both Marfarte and Yianopooplous are anti-low-status male scum.

And they are both similar, Marcrappy uses “her” gender to claim “vyctym” and Yianopoopypants uses his “orientation.”

Yianpooperscooper thinks cut dicks are sexy, therefore young boys should be mutilated:


And Marcotte seems to have the same views on race as the Alt-Reich:


They are both odious and just like Clinton/Trump, no one owes them a fucking thing….

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