…guilty pleasures…

…just like a feminist with his pron stash or an alter-righty with his “celebration of masculinity” gay pron stash…

…I’m not supposed to admit to it, but…

…I still like these guys…

I was “supposed to outgrow this shit.”  It was supposed to be a phase.  Yeah, I like Kirk’s cliched lick’s with too much wah.  I kinda wish Lars had his garbage can snare sound like some kinda monster.  James delivers the riffs.  But Rob is kinda buried in the mix.  C’mon social justice warriors, aren’t you supposed to be whining that he is oppressedessed because he is a POC or some shit?  Oh, I get it, you are too busy arguing that Jack Donovan, Milo Y and Judgy B*tch get to be mean to everyone because they are members of a pwotected class and logic and reason is an assault on their pwotected class….

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