why are homosexuals such a big part of the alt-right?

The alt-right are a bunch of low class racist’s who believe in psuedo-science like HBD.  So, it would seem they would also be homophobic.  But they love, love, love Jagoff Donovan and Milo Y.  Why is this the case?

Both Jagoff and Creeper Milo have embraced male disposability with a glee that even most man hating feminist’s don’t take on.  It is a rare hatred of low-status men seen most often by the likes of trad-cons like Judgy B*tch.  Milo thinks men should have their penises mutilated because he finds it “sexy.”  Jagoff thinks “weak” men should kill themselves.  You can use that as a litmus test, if either of these two scum bags are embraced, you are in a space that is hostile to low status men even if it uses some meaningless, bullshit term like MRA.

I believe that these “men” are embraced by the alt-right because they have a privilege similar to women.  Yes, white homosexual men are extraordinarily privileged and just like spoiled white womyn will pull the “misogyny” card they will pull the “homophobia” card.  Just think, when these neo nazi thugs walk down the street and attack a man with darker skin, who will the pigs believe when the man with darker skin is merely defending himself.  Y’know it is a “hate crime” to attack a gay and these losers with no moral compass are just like liberals who always see themselves as the victim–they would likely lie and say they were attacked.  There’s also an addendum to this.  One sleazy MRA, I can’t remember if it was John the Other or Dean Esmay–  He mentioned that when “MRA’s” go out in public, they want to have feMRA’s with them.  This is because they will not be attacked physically by male feminist’s because male feminist’s would not hit a woman.  I think this is part of it.  Liberals love gays and want to absolve them of all responsibility.  If a gay does something reprehensible, it is not because they are “a bad person” but because they are a “victim of homophobia.”  So the alt-righ gets a “get out of jail free” card by having gays in their ranks.  They are a “diverse” group, not just an evillle bunch of het, cis white men.  The homo’s give them “legit victim cred.”

Now if you think I’m exaggerating about any of this, let’s just say that I am in the class of men that whenever we go to a store and buy something, we always carry the receipt lest we be “questioned.”  Let’s just say that’s something Milo and Jag have never had to deal with.  Hey Alt-Right– Fuck You!

6 thoughts on “why are homosexuals such a big part of the alt-right?

  1. I guess half of them are trying to appease progressives with their “ISIS throws gays off buildings” routine and the other half are like the old-fashioned fascists who had many prominent homosexuals in their rank. Most prominent was Ernst Röhm, leader of the SA, who was (in)famous for bragging about how he fucked young boys of all races and creeds.

    Only later were these prominent, semi-open homosexuals removed from the Nazi party, because the leadership decided that they need more help from the “traditional” Christian conservatives, etc. But the idea that early fascism was very attractive to and full of gays isn’t just a myth but reality.

    1. interesting article here:


      one is left to ask if “homophobia” is really a desire to escape the bullying control of the likes of Jack Donovan and Milo Y. It’s really creepy but “MRA” Ginko loves Jack donovan and that was when I knew for sure that the MRM is no place for low status men, it is literally as toxic as feminism. Elam is an authoritarian bully.

  2. Milo is opportunistic faggot, thats it. And probably jew connections too.
    Judgy bitch is intersting, we started around the same time, were ‘friends’ too but let success get to her head, doubt she even remembers me.

    1. interesting video. y’know, I ain’t got a dog in this fight. I find it funny that nazi’s like andrew anglin and weev would probably start crying if you played this for ’em. I also find it ironic that Germany tried to gas the Jews and now they have Muslims. It would be ironic if for every person executed in the Hollocaust, they import one Muslim. Just like America has Mexicans for cheap labor, Europe wants Muslims. Apparently they can’t get Europeans to work in auto factories whereas in America, white people cry that they lost their good job. Y’know in ancient times, the Crusaders went to Arabic countries to try to convert them, but now Germany is the one being converted. It’s funny because as a non-Christian mongrel, I have preciously little invested in whomever “wins” I just have to survive the shitstorm.

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