trump and the low status man…

…so, are trumpiepoops comments a surprise to anyone???

…I bet an “alpha” like Roosh V talks the same fucking way…

…as I’ve mentioned before, I worked with a racist Mexican (no, creeper liberals, it’s not just whites who are waycist.)  He would make several demeaning comments about me but because I needed a paycheck I kept my mouth shut.  He even hid my lunch when we worked at a fucking trade show.  He would often make disgusting sexual comments.  One day when he kept on talking about his “conquests” I remained quiet.  He said I was either a virgin or gay because I didn’t have any tales to tell.  I finally responded that I was neither and that he could ask his mom and sister. He got upset and looked like he was gonna punch me.  Too bad he didn’t, I woulda probably kicked his ass but even if I didn’t, welp, coulda called la migra.  Haha, and according to you dirt bag liberals, I’m the waycist because I speak Engwrish.  And my skin is darker, BTW.  When is the last time a goddamned liberal did a thing for me?

So femanzi’s keep on cryin’ ’bout how eville ALL men are whilst you demonize low status men with the Nice Guy ™ tag.  Did you ever think to wonder that maybe the “alpha males” demean and dehumanize low status men before they even get to womyn?  Oh, that’s right, low status men aren’t even human to you-better check my goddamned fucking privilege.  An “alpha” like trumpiepoops would gladly shit all over a low status male such as myself to get whatever he wanted.  Don’t you think a sociopath like Warmachine would gladly kick a low status male’s ass just because the cycling of his ‘roids put him into a rage?  Do you think the public would care if he seriously beat a low status male?  Probably wouldn’t even spend a day in jail. But he beats a womyn and he is the lowest of the low.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen the pictures and I don’t have any sympathy if Roid Boi spends the next 20 years  in jail, I’m just saying that wouldn’t be the case if he beat up a low status guy.  The fucking judge would probably ask the guy, “What did you do to piss off Ragehead, err, John Paul Koppenpooper.”

I don’t give one flying fuck if the press destroys trumpy’s “reputation” but I do have to wonder if this is “damage control” to make everyone look away from Hitlery’s emails…

Low status men should not perform damage control for “alpha’s” who would glady through them under the buss…

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