…birds of a feather…


…a womyn who lives off of the labors of her hubby is telling everyone that what a white nationalist gay man says is manly is “manly.”


The question you gotta ask is why are both soooo invested in male disposability?

Somehow listening to either of these two doofuses about “manliness” seems like trying to become a “real man” by drinking lite beer.

Why would they talk about something they know nothing about?

Why be a guy who is so insecure about what it is “to be a man” that he would listen to someone who is invested in seeing them fail?

It’s like a business owner who wants to pay minimum wage and cheat his laborers out of overtime telling those laborers that “real men” work extra hard off the clock and don’t worry if their paystubs don’t equal their “sweat equity.”

Just think about how they are trying to rip you off…

A gay man who wants groups of naked, sweaty men brags about collapse porn not because it is in YOUR best interest but because it’s his kinky fetish.  And if that sounds homophobic, well, titty’s and beer IS NOT men’s rights nor is it male sovereignty.  A straight guy might like that but that IS NOT another straight guy’s path to freedom.

On the flip side, some trad con like Judgy Bitch would gladly send her son’s to die in whatever war the asshole elites dream up just so another’s daughter’s can have kids.  Does Judgy get to be honorary grandma?

Just remember, resist those that want to take your freedom and change you into a disposable utility to be used for their deviant ends…

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