whoever wins, ‘murikka still loses…

haha, looks like a close one….

no matter who wins, America still loses, they are both corrupt pieces of shit…

and for all those schmucks who say they will leave the country if their “candidate” loses, please fucking do. Just don’t let the door  hit your ass on the way out.  That goes for libtards in Hollyweird as well as alt-right assgropers like Cheeto boi Forney and Jagoff Don-0-van…

whichever party wins the executive branch, I sure as shit hope they lose the legislative branch.  Gridlock might put some brakes on the corruption…  Checks and balances, y’all…

Don’t blame me…  I voted for Mr. Freetrade, lite up a doob and open the borders Gary Johnson…

and, if your wondering why I didn’t put up a Dylan version of his own song, well, quite frankly, I think he’s a great songwriter but not so great a singer.  And others do his songs better than he did.  “Watchower,” Jimi anyone????

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