I’m not glad Trump won, but I am glad Clinton lost…

There’s a bunch of whiners saying if you voted 3rd party, you voted for Trump.  That is absolute bullshit.  If you own McDonald’s and you tell me that I am supporting Burger King because I didn’t  eat at your restaurant you are full of shit.  It is my choice to eat Chinese food or skip lunch all together.  Maybe YOU have to make your restaurant an edible place to eat.  In fact it is the definition of entitlement to think I owe your party the vote.

When Crooked Hillary made her “deplorables” comment, I know as a low status man that I was automatically seen to be in that group.

Just throwing this out there to all those celebrities who said they’d leave the US 4 evar if Hillary lost.  Well, I’ll buy you the 1 way plane ticket if you let me live in your nice house in the Hollywood Hills.  Sounds fair to me, so you gonna take me up on that????

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