“progressives” and “feminists”-this could be a learning experience…

I find it funny that progressives and feminists are sooo upset that Trump won.  I didn’t vote for him, but I am strangely optimistic.  Despite his tough guy talk, I believe he is less likely to go to war than hawkish Hillary.  Ironic, isn’t it that with his “islamaphobic” statements, he is less likely to kill Muslims via military intervention. He may even have a talent for assembling a team that does two things.  Improve the US economy and keep us out of wars.

Now for those feminists and progressives still crying about queen Hillary,well, they could go on thinking that “deplorables” who are “priviliged” racists and misogynists elected him.  They could stay in their sheltered world where they accuse those who have things measurably worse off as being the bullies.  And, quite frankly, they lack the self awareness to see that this is the option of least resistance.  Or, they could look at the reasons Trump won. Here is a rare time that a liberal “gets it.”  His number one point is the most important, I believe.  While the Hollywood liberals live in their cultural enclaves, lots of Americans have been hurting.  They haven’t bounced back when the media says the recession is over.  They’ve grown tired of two part-time jobs that don’t cover the one full-time job they held years back.  Obamacare might be nice if you are a freelance making $38,000-54,000 a year but it might not be so great for someone who makes a bit more than the poverty level  but stills struggles to pay for rent and food.  I grew up near the “rustbelt” where manufacturing jobs disappeared and nothing really took over.  I saw the writing on the wall and got the hell outta dodge.  But maybe not everyone else had that option.

Y’know the same thing happened with MRA’s and feminist’s.  Feminist’s would act as if they owned the gender conversation and that it was their sacred territory.  When MRA’s would enter the fray with facts and stats about things like male suicide, they would be shouted down, insulted, told to “check their privilege” and called bigots. Now feminist’s don’t necessarily owe MRA’s their time or an ear to listen to problems and it might be reasonable for a feminist to tell MRA’s to create their won spaces to discuss issues… But don’t expect chivalry from those guys that you told to go fuck themselves…

It’s the same thing when you have a political party that ignores large groups of people’s suffering, then calls the “deplorables” when they don’t do things your way.  That blames them when they vote third party.  That insults them for not being enthousiastic about your candidate.  It is the Democrats that are the ones with the huge sense of entitlement when they blame third party voters.  If I didn’t vote third party, I would’ve stayed home.  I don’t owe you a vote and your bullshit party hasn’t made me feel welcome.


3 thoughts on ““progressives” and “feminists”-this could be a learning experience…

  1. It sounds weird but the moment when I saw Trump winning the election (saw it live on TV), the first thought that came to my mind was: “How do I become an American?”. Not joking.

      1. Hehe. I’m not desparate enough to take such measures, despite being surrounded by murderraping turbans (according to certain sleazy right winged idiots, at least). Funny how it turns out that the alt-reich’s hero is a clueless moron.

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