….I’m surrounded by idiots…

So it just cracks me up that Tila Tequila is throwing up the “roman salute.”  Y’know, IRL I’d probably find a small woman with her physique quite appealing if it wasn’t for the tramp stamps (and of course her “politics” are disgusting.) But what’s next with this trashy publicity move? Is she gonna shack up with the alt-rite version of Warmachine?  Then when he has his ‘roid meltdown and beats her up, who is she gonna cry to?  Won’t feminist’s and “SJW’s” turn their back on her?  And of course the alt-rite hates her because she is a “mud-race.”

Then, y’know what Trumpypoops is suggesting?  Build and borrow with “the cheap rates we have now.”  Didn’t someone else just say that?  Didn’t he call it a stimulus program?  Didn’t “alpha males” like Berniepoops Chapin and Crappy Crapitalism call that “keynesian economics.”  Oh, but one guy had a skin color they didn’t like and another had a message that was almost but not quite “nationalist.”  Or maybe just like creeper Milo Y, they see him as a “daddy.” Funny, that they don’t seem to have  the self-awareness to support virtually the same thing they claimed to have hated when someone they would like to be submissive too delivers the message.

For a low status guy like me, it’s just “same shit, different day.” I don’t expect much to change under a Trump presidency.  The reality is similar to something I’ve encountered in a job situation.  I was on a sales floor, some people were calling cherry picked leads but I was stuck trying to hit overworked leads.  I wasn’t hitting the numbers but I was crawling through the mud.  The cherry picked leads disappeared.  All the time I spent crawling through the mud was like weight training.  No one was hitting their numbers.  I was at the bottom of the floor, but when all the advantages were taken away, I was near the top.   300 dials a day motherfucker!  Should I be proud of myself for surviving in a harsh environment or should I be ashamed for taking a job that most “sane” people wouldn’t?

The alt-rite, feminism, the M(h)RM, liberalism– they have nothing to offer me…

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