some nice ™ jams…

4 thoughts on “some nice ™ jams…

  1. You might find this channel interesting. Don’t agree with everything this guy says, but at least it is not classical alt-right stuff..

  2. There is no real ‘alt-right’. It just a bunch of people who are largely CONservative but do not fit the narrow elite textbook definition of that group.

    1. yes, but…

      ….they don’t even fit into general CONservative ideals such as fiscal responsibility….

      Remember when right leaning guys were against O’bombya’s “stimulus program.” Now The Don is suggesting virtually the same thing, only the Never Trump guys like Ben Shapiro are calling him out. It’s kind of like calling the “man-0-sphere” “pro-men” when it is filled with white nationalists who hate men of darker skin and pua’s who would gladly kill off half of the male population so they could have more sexual access to womyn…

      …or it’s like having a nutcase like Judgy Bitch call herself an M(h)RA when it is clear she hates low status men and wants to keep them in the disposable role.

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