I am a MAGINA of the highest calibre because I enjoyed Rogue One

Right now Craptain Crapitalism, Bernie Chapin, Stardusk and Milo Y are writing a letter to none other than the real Voice for All Men, Paulie Boi Elam to register me as a  certified  MANGINA.  They surely decided on my fate at last night’s Bath House meeting after Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer taught them about “masculinity.”

My sin was that I  not only watched the forbidden Rogue One-for I cannot be a supporter of White Nationalism if I watch one of the moves on the censored list (and of course there’s also that halfbreed shit, but alas…) Not only did I watch this vile pornography of multikult, I ENJOYED IT…

Trigger warning: Spoiler alert…

and, uh, every time I see a trigger warning, I am triggered, it reminds me of when I had a gun pulled on me…

…but I’m going way off tangent. Back to the script…

This movie has some serious shit…

Is it a coincidence that a few things happened similar to the story line?


So in the story, an engineer is forced by the Empire to build the Deathstar (the one Luke blows up in the real Star Wars.)  He builds a backdoor that makes the Deathstar easily destroyable.  His daughter along with a bunch of rebels capture the plans to reveal  the hidden weakness to the Rebels.  (who then blow up the Deathstar in the real Star Wars.)


(((Yiddish sounding word intentionally inserted to “trigger” alt-reich types)) 😉

Now, uh, I’m not exactly an intellectual, but even I caught this one…

Remember a few months back with the San Bernardino shootings?  Remember how the gov’t tried to coerce  Apple into creating a backdoor so they could snoop on terrorists (and everyone else?)

Kinda feels like some kind of “social commentary”

Just sayin…

7 thoughts on “I am a MAGINA of the highest calibre because I enjoyed Rogue One

  1. Damn, this has been one crazy year and I wished it would be fucking great! It certainly won’t get any further ‘normal’, I guess. Just a very low number of people maybe have a vague idea what’s going on.

    These right wing, wannabe edgy fuckers ran out of content a long while ago anyway. They have nothing to tell anybody about anything valuable except most basic shit. For them it’s just about keeping up a persona with the intention of selling shit books & collecting some donation and advertising bux. Maybe also the possibility of stepping up the media career ladder is another motivation. Anyway, their stupid attempts at being “counter-balancing agents” can go right into the trash. What’s this Barbarossa guy doing, by the way? I bet he came to the reasonable conclusion that shit’s been gone way too crazy and finally has taken a break from this mad house that is the cyberspace of today.

    “and, uh, every time I see a trigger warning, I am triggered, it reminds me of when I had a gun pulled on me…”

    ‘murrica seems to be crazy n’ sheit for an Eurodude like me. Who was it? Some race realist or Judge Dredd?

  2. I remember when Aaron Clarey got his indictment of the recent Mad Max reboot published on ROK, but I watched the film and I loved it anyway. Clarey definitely had a point, but there was a lot more to the film than just that. Besides, it doesn’t do to get obsessive-compulsive over a philosophy. Good to hear that you enjoyed Rogue One, I haven’t seen it yet. Also I want to wish you a happy new year, and that I enjoy your rants and jokes, here and over at the Black Pill blog.

  3. Have you read about the latest drama in the alt-right sphere? It seems that the hardcore gay-hating “traditionalists” wing of the alt-right is splitting from its more “cosmopolitan” kinda-white supremacist wing.

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