2016 was Great!!!

Okay, guys, you are gonna hear allot of doom and gloom-what that really is is uncertainty…

All the “liberal,” “progressive,” “feminist” types will whine and cry that Donald Trump will destroy everything they worked for.  Even if he does, is that a bad thing?  Won’t do one inch of harm to me and will be fun to watch…

All the NPI/race realist/HBD crybabies will throw a fit when they realize that Trump does not give one shit about them.  It will be fun to watch the Jaggoff Donovan’s, Dick Spencers and Milo Y’s throw shitfits and twitter meltdowns…

For a low status man, this will be “same shit different day.”  Overweight womyn will still whine “where are all the good men.”  Alt-reichers will still whine that they are oppressed because bath houses are supposed to be “safe spaces.”

My prediction is 2017 broken promises….


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