I bet Jaggoff Donovan, Dick Spencer and Icky Andrew Anglin will be triggered when they see pics of their lord emporor like that…

Personally, I think it’s funny…

And remember, these assholes have the exact same identity politics of liberals.  The only difference is they are slightly more open about their racism…


9 thoughts on “…triggered…

  1. Friend i really enjoyed your critique of right wing loons in mgtow and on the internet in general,but as an huge anime fan i have to say that i’m really annoyed to see you post pictures that link anime to these wn losers,i mean wtf?It has nothing to do with them.
    Please stop doing that.

    1. alright man, I see your point…

      I didn’t like it when Creepy Milo Y tried to shame guys who like video games….

      I think the original image comes from Ben Garrison:


      But, here’s my problem, if I can’t use pictures of WN’s with anime, do I use gay pron? I mean it seems appropriate but I’ sure some gay dude will come along and be all, “Yo, I love gay pron but I hate nazi’s so stop with that…”

      1. I’m sure that stopping to use anime in your pictures about those assholes won’t bother you in the slightest,i enjoy your blog so i’d like to be able to keep reading your articles,but if i see anything anime related being mixed in with tose pieces of shit you’ll lose a reader.

      2. Dude, I like anime, wouldn’t call myself a serious fan though…

        this song is inspired by a hentai cartoon…

        On a more serious note, if alt-reichers use anime, well wouldn’t it be appros to use anime against them?

        Are you pullin’ my leg? You by chance didn’t used to comment under the handle pussyhound on the dole?

      3. The fact is this:anime is a culture and an art form indipendent from politics,alt right assholes might try to co copt it to make themselves look hip and cool,which certainly sucks but attacking or mocking anime will only earn you anger and hostility from anime fans who see themselves attacked and mocked for no reason and will also distract you from your real enemies,which is the alt right.

        Also to answer your other question,no i’m not that guy,i don’t write comments usually,this is the only other time i wrote a comment here.


        You can recognize me from my nickname that pokes fun at libertarians.

      4. Glad you dig the song…

        there’s an old saying…

        How are feminists and libertarians alike?

        When the ship is sinking, there are no feminists, it’s all womyn first and to hell with the children. When the only work is backracking labor for pennies on the dollar, there are no libertarians, just a bunch of ex-tough guys asking for a bailout.

        I lied, it’s not an old saying, it’s something I made up, but I hope it becomes an old saying because it’s true.

  2. Hey stonerwithaboner, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. There was a video you posted in another comment thread around here, making fun of these alt-right icons who are gay or “gay”. What, in your opinion, is the correlation between these alt-righters and homosexual (or pro-homosexual) orientation? Did being gay come first, or their alt-right beliefs?

    I also saw an old video by Millennial Woes where he was spewing shit that boiled down to: “I like being able to engage in forms of debauchery but it is right and good that mainstream society (the prudish wives and their picket fences) stays prudish and lawful about these things while I have my fun.” There seems to be a double standard here: why is THEIR sexual debauchery ok whereas the debauchery of the world in general, not?

    1. My guess is they were gay first, started out as “liberals.” Kept the horrid identity politics of liberals but realized they could be openly racist in alt-reich circles. It’s kinda funny, Barbarossa was chasing after the gays, feminists are chasing after the gays, the alt-reich and manuresphere are chasing after the gays. IDK why. I suppose they now have a similar privilege to women. I don’t think low status het cis men should be natural allies or natural enemies to the gays, mostly live and let live. But when they pull the bullshit that Jagoff Donovan and Milo Y do, they should be mocked relentlessly.

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