“it’s against my religion…”


I was at the beach and these liberal Greenpeace girls tried to get me to donate money…

They said, “Hey, you care ’bout the environment right?”

And I said, “Well, with Trump’s finger on the nuke button and a bunch of nukes gone missin’

I doubt I can save the earth.”

One said “Well, you don’t have any moral objections to donating to Greenpeace then.”

I said “it’s against my religion.”

The other said “What’s that?”

And I replied, “Well I don’t go to any churches, or read any holly books or listen to what anyone says it is to be a good man.  But it is whatever I want it to be whenever I want.”

They didn’t have a reply…

But I realized that line will work anytime…

Roosh V wants you to go to the NPI bathhouse after party with Milo Y and concussion head Dick Spence….


“It’s against my religion.”


Paulie boi Elam wants you to donate to his fraudulent site…


“It’s against my religion.”


Lecherous Madonna wants you to blow up the White House….


“It’s against my religion.”


Fat Donald wants you to build a wall…


“It’s against my religion.”


Jagoff Donovan wants to teach you about “maskewinitee”


“it’s against my religion.”


The corrupt US Warmachine wants you to murder little kids for oil…


“It’s against my religion.”






2 thoughts on ““it’s against my religion…”

  1. Nah, doesn’t work anymore because we don’t really have freedom of religion. What we have now are elites who decide what is a religion and what is a “cult”, what is “conservatism” and what is “extremism”…

  2. It has been my opinion, for many years now, that all belief system are for suckers. Frankly, it makes no difference if the system in question is centered around a stone idol, a voice in another person’s head or a book with big words and numbers. They are all CONs!

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