you cannot be alt-right and pro-male

…okay, I can’t stand Milo Y and I think he is awful–most of all I thought this way before his beloved manosphere turned against him…

Possibly he was a victim of child abuse and for someone less reprehensible we should pity him…

However he crossed a line when he said that younger guys could be “helped” by relationships with older guys…

We all know if an older guy said he could help younger girls “become women” there would be calls to have him murdered.

Puts a new light on how creepy it is that someone like Jack Donovan wants to “teach you about masculinity” and all those nazi organizations have “youth camps.”

I’m glad that we can finally get past the “rainbow parades” and speak honestly about gays.  If two adult men want to do something behind closed doors, it’s not the world’s business.  If an adult man wants to hurt young boys-that’s not good.  I’d wager that a fair share of male suicides are boys and men who had something horrible done to them and just decided to end their misery.

Now there are some who have said that the “alt-rite,” “alt-reich,” and “alt-light” are different spheres but here you can see the intellectual dishonesty screaming like a mother fucker…

(if you don’t want to click on the direct link to a nazi site, you can click this: –however it doesn’t have the youtube vid.)

I squirmed when I listened to George Takei speak.  But here is the difference, Milo Y went a step further.  He mentioned that these older-men younger men relationships can be beneficial and mentioned going to Hollywood parties where abuse (most likely) occurred.  George Takei is only processing his experiences and saying what it felt like for him. He isn’t trying to normalize an experience.  He is mentioning how he felt and nothing else. Andrew Anglin is being intentionally dishonest in the above link because while George Takei’s interviews made me sick to my stomach he did not say that this should be normalized.   If I had been “made a man” by a horny older woman such as you hear with these teacher sex scandals, years later I might speak highly of the experience even though an M(h)RA like Typhone Blue would scold me for it. Speaking highly of the experience as it may have been for me would be a whole different thing than saying this is healthy and this is good.   I have used psychadelic drugs-breaking the law doing this.  I felt that it was a positive experience for me.  I don’t discount that for others psychadelic drugs could be damaging.  I also believe that as an adult I should be allowed to use drugs that may be harmful.  But that is a wholly different standard, as an adult I should be able to choose what to do with my own body and mind.  This is not about allowing others to carry on with predatory behavior.

Here’s more:

Now if only the liberal progressicrites would stop making excuses for every creep that shills for crooked Hillary….


Let’s untangle the Nice Guy thing once and for all…

A man whines online about how he works hard, tries to look good and can’t find a date. He isn’t met with sympathy, but scorn.  It’s as if a poor person wandered into the tough guy libertarian forum.  You will see feminists and other men jump on this guy.  Tell him to man up, get his shit handled and stop carrying around the entitled attitude.  Would you expect that telling this shit to a poor person helps?  Maybe if you are  corrupt career politician like Hillary Clinton you would.  But obviously these people are shaming this unfortunate fellow.

Maybe people hate seeing male weakness. So just remember that, even though you heard all that bullshit about the sensitive man, you will be laughed at and humiliated if you actually show vulnerability in real life.  But that’s not the full story. Why would a woman turn down Nice Guys but jump in the sack with bad dudes with a history of violence? Sure, it’s possible that that a woman was seduced by a fast talking conniving sociopath who carefully covered his tracks.  But many times these women know what they are getting into.  The Ev Psych answer is that violent men can protect women in dangerous times.  The manuresphere answer is “chicks love drama.” It is a woman’s right to be attracted to whomever she is attracted to and her choice to be introspective to figure out why she chooses what she does.

Okay, so a woman has the right to choose but we still haven’t gotten back to why these guys are being shamed so hard.  Male vulnerability, well, that’s only part of it. The bigger part is the women are wonderful narrative.   These feminists and their male enablers don’t want their precious narrative attacked.  By saying that a man is “entitled” they are taking your eyes off the fact that certain groups of men have it tough in dating.  For example short men or men of certain ethnicities attacked by the assholes on the Roosh V forum.  These men aren’t any worse in a moral standpoint than other men, it’s just that most women don’t find them attractive.  It much easier to point out an imagined moral failing than to attack the beloved women are wonderful narrative.  It’s quite similar to a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” libertarian berating a poor person who tries to scrape together a living by working two part-time minimum wage jobs.  Between commuting and work, the poor person is working 50+ hours but not getting overtime or benefits.  Yet the tough guy libertarian says “they don’t work hard enough” and “not working hard” is a moral flaw.

I’m figuring out the puzzle…

Gay racists like Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer “celebrate the white race” because they want to fuck or get fucked by white dudes…

Straight racists do it because they want to increase their sexual access to women whilst decreasing the sexual access of women of their race to other men….

That was the irony when I worked with an extremely racist Mexican dude.  He would always make disgusting comments towards me.  Finally, when he condescendingly said I Was either gay or a virgin, I said I was neither, just ask “your mom and sister.”  He was ready to fight me, not that he could kick my ass.   But I was victorious for landing a good insult, one that stung.  He lusts after white pussy and even married a white woman.  Yet he would freak out if I gave a Mexican woman orgasms.  Why the fuck should he care?

You can look here:

a neo-nazi named Ryu is talking about fucking minority women.  If he was interested in making white babies, he wouldn’t do that shit.  His sons would be halfbreeds like me.  His racism isn’t based on a preference for white skin and blonde hair nor is it because he actually believes in made up stuff like HBD.  You can also see a dude named Andrew Anglin.  He talks a big nazi game but then goes to third world asian countries  (just as Matt Forney does) to bang hookers on the cheap.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but if you “slipp one past the goalie” and she doesn’t get an abortion like a feminist liberal woman, well, your babies ain’t gonna be white.

I already dropped this link but it’s worth reading again:

If I ever met Roosh V IRL, while he was trying to smash drunk feminist pussy, I’d say “Dude, hook me up with some nice persian women.  Got a sister?”  I doubt he could kick my ass but I bet that would make him mader than calling him a faggot for hanging out with Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer.