I’m figuring out the puzzle…

Gay racists like Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer “celebrate the white race” because they want to fuck or get fucked by white dudes…

Straight racists do it because they want to increase their sexual access to women whilst decreasing the sexual access of women of their race to other men….

That was the irony when I worked with an extremely racist Mexican dude.  He would always make disgusting comments towards me.  Finally, when he condescendingly said I Was either gay or a virgin, I said I was neither, just ask “your mom and sister.”  He was ready to fight me, not that he could kick my ass.   But I was victorious for landing a good insult, one that stung.  He lusts after white pussy and even married a white woman.  Yet he would freak out if I gave a Mexican woman orgasms.  Why the fuck should he care?

You can look here:


a neo-nazi named Ryu is talking about fucking minority women.  If he was interested in making white babies, he wouldn’t do that shit.  His sons would be halfbreeds like me.  His racism isn’t based on a preference for white skin and blonde hair nor is it because he actually believes in made up stuff like HBD.  You can also see a dude named Andrew Anglin.  He talks a big nazi game but then goes to third world asian countries  (just as Matt Forney does) to bang hookers on the cheap.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but if you “slipp one past the goalie” and she doesn’t get an abortion like a feminist liberal woman, well, your babies ain’t gonna be white.

I already dropped this link but it’s worth reading again:


If I ever met Roosh V IRL, while he was trying to smash drunk feminist pussy, I’d say “Dude, hook me up with some nice persian women.  Got a sister?”  I doubt he could kick my ass but I bet that would make him mader than calling him a faggot for hanging out with Jack Donovan and Richard Spencer.






3 thoughts on “I’m figuring out the puzzle…

  1. You know, in the end it all boils down to biological programming. Nature is King, Nature rules All.

    Men are programmed to do this; to secure females of the ingroup while raping females of the outgroup, i.e. secure your gene pool and expand it at the same time. I won’t say that this programming is dominant/expressive in ALL men, just that it is there, and you can thank your ancestors for it.

    Of course, this may create issues for the halfbreeds, because daddy thinks of them as only “half-good”, but hey, the halfbreed might just turn out successful and terrorize/conquer his momma’s native territory.

    You can thank biology for making men selfish, for loving themselves. Do you think men love women? Men desire to POSSESS women. Men desire what women can GIVE him.

    And I would even argue that this biological programming in “straight” men also accounts for the behavior of those racist “gay” men like Jack Donovan et al. Because it’s not really about sexual orientation, it’s about the timeless problem of racism and what happens when groups of humans (groups of genes?) clash and compete in a world of limited resources.

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