“toxic masculinity”

so I’ve been reading allot of stuff at a place called longingfordeath.wordpress.com

He’s discussed Elliot Rodger quite a bit.  He touches on something feminists (it’s all toxic masculinity you filthy misogynist) and M(h)RA’s (prostitution needs to be legalized, brah) have simply ignored.  That is Elliot’s biracial identity or perhaps lack of identity is a better way to describe it.

Do I understand Elliot? No.  Am I justifying his shooting?  Fuck no.

I do know what it is like to be a halfbreed though…

What do you think I think of a lispy creep like Richard Spencer?  He wants his white ethnostate. Is he gonna cut me in half and let half of me stay here? Do you think he would buy me a nice condo in Mexico two blocks from the beach when he wants to make ‘murrikka white again? Obviously,there is the implied threat of violence that he would have me removed from the country I was born in by any means necessary.  Unlike the libtards at the Young Turks, I think it’s funnier than hell he got punched.  In fact it would’ve been even funnier if he got hit by a baseball bat like that great scene in Inglorious Bastards.

Now, I’m also half a white man.  To all those condescending liberals with their trust funds and expensive degree who tell me to check my privilege?  It would break their fucking backs if they had to spend a day in my shoes.  They haven’t done a fucking thing for me and they try to find a scapegoat by blaming everything on white men.  But they don’t have a clue what it is like to be a man without an identity.  To have both sides of your family hate you.  To be looked down upon and told to settle with less than everyone else. When they shit on the white man, they are shitting on half of me.  And white men have shitted on the other half.  Fuckers.

Just like wikileaks and the Russians have given us a mirror to see how corrupt our government is, I believe monsters like Elliot Rodger leave us with a mirror to see how hiddeous our society really is.  Can you imagine toxicity of having hateful messages from both sides of your family?  Monsters aren’t born, they are slowly but surely created. It is much easier to blame “toxic masculinity” or “limited access to prostitution” than to look at what our society is really like for halfbreeds.  To realize that our world molds those that might healthfully function in another situation into sociopaths that are much easier swept under the rug.  It’s much easier to dismiss the blatant racism of freaks like Richard Spencer and the regressive left (remember, the Democratic party is the party of the KKK.) It’s much easier to say that so long as someone isn’t convicted of any hate crimes that they can spew poisonous rhetoric without consequence.  It’s much easier to let feminists berate men they would never date and also expect those same men to pay for their birthcontrol with higher taxes.  Now, I am not for limiting the free speech of shitstains like Andrew Anglin.  But I will tell you that listening to my meanspirited uncle, an unhygenic mess that seemed to compete with David Futrelle in a fast food eating contest– that it was most certainly a harmful influence growing up.  I would’ve been much more psychologically healthy viewing hardcore pornography at a young age than listening to his hateful words that could have come from a KKK Grandmaster Wizard.  In fact, I would probably be much more emotionally healthy if I spent my free time watching pornography rather than reading alt-reich and feminist writing.

Much like the whole “nice guy” thing, “toxic masculinity” seems like a shortcut to scapegoat societies problems onto low status men  whilst allowing others to keep their “moral superiority.”

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