The Alt-reich is anti-Meritocracy

I remember awhile back arguing with losers at the GL Piggy Forum.  Chuck Rudd was a white nationalist-lite fellow who pedaled psuedosciences like HBD.  He had a job as a waiter.  Now, I am not mocking someone for working as a waiter.  I know that in places like New York and Los Angeles, many aspiring actors and actresses do this while waiting for the big break.  But this dude was different.  He went something like 40 or 50k in debt with a useless finance degree.  Then he got a job most high school dropouts could get.  He wasn’t doing this for the “flexability.” Now one of his key talking points was that “minorities” were subhuman animals because they had poor impulse control and could not plan for the future.  Somehow, I think getting an expensive degree and doing nothing with it is a form of poor impulse control.

You will see lispy, effete “men” like Richard Spencer talk about a “white ethnostate.”  Fuck, they aren’t even the indiginous people in the US of fucking A.  His entitlement is based on white supremacy, a belief that he is part of a master race without creating any accomplishments of his own.  Did lispy Dick invent the decimal system?  Did he invent Phalanx warfare?  Although, perhaps with his association with sordid individuals such as Jack Donovan, he very well may speak Greek.  He lays “claim” to a bunch of things he did not invent.  It is the absolute definition of entitlement that he thinks he should show up and “be the boss” without ANY accomplishments to back it up.  What exactly has he done except come from a well to do family and spread neo-nazi “identarian” rhetoric.  He can’t even take a punch.  If I was a full blooded white man, I sure as fuck would not want a low testosterone bully like Dick trying to boss me around.

You can see this with asshats like Andrew Anglin and Matt Forney.  Matt Forney does not even have the self discipline to resist the urge of cookies and fast food drive through at 12AM.  He can’t even master his own appetite, how the fuck do you think this guy should be an “expert” or “boss”?  Just like feminism is an excuse for sub-par womyn to bully everyone else, the Alt-Reich is an excuse for sub-par white “men.”

6 thoughts on “The Alt-reich is anti-Meritocracy

    1. Oh, the “fight” is just beginning. On a related tangent, the Barbarstarduskarrossa form of Mig-Toe lite will soon fail because they have not distanced themselves from the manuresphere. Hopefully a form of MGTOW that isn’t toxic to low status men will prevail.

  1. Racists usually HATE atheism and Darwinism. It’s not much of a surprise that /pol/, the mpc forum and Return of Kings have all turned against atheism since their love-affair with Libertarianism has ended and their love-affair with racism has begun.

    Now they hate atheists (“fedoras”) with a passion. Historically, the same is true; they always had a tense relationship with the Darwinian theory of evolution. If racism would simply be a science and racists (as they claim) all just level-headed people who just care about facts instead of feelings, they wouldn’t hate science, atheism and Darwinism so much.

    Sure, there is an exception to every rule, but almost every racist hates atheism and Darwinism and always make more out of a race than a biological entity. Instead, they speak about such things as the “racial soul” of a people and support religions. This is the best evidence that racism isn’t about science but about ideology. (Or that racism isn’t a science but an ideology.)

    1. These aren’t rational people and that is just part of why trying to “argue with them in good faith” will get us nowhere. It’ll be an even bigger waste of time than arguing with feminists. There will still be value in debunking their “ideas ” in public forums.

  2. The ‘alt-right’ want special rights for white men and ‘feminists’ want special rights for white women. The two are far more similar to each other than most people realize or are willing to accept.

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