the striking similarities between feminism and the Alt-reich

1.) Absolute hatred of low status men. With feminism, this can be seen with hateful rants against “Nice Guys.”  With the Alt-Reich this can be seen with their hatred of non-white (and halfbreed men such as myself) as they book their sex vacations to Thailand.

2.) Demands of special privileges from the government.  With feminism this can be seen as hiring quotas.  With the Alt-Riech, claims for a white enthno-state.

3.) Demands to entitlements without merit.  There is a reason why feminism appeals to angry cat ladies and there is a reason that the Alt-Reich appeals to sub par white men.  Both promise superiority without accomplishment and are anti-meritocracy.

4.) Religious, fanatical adherence to non-scientific ideas.  In the case of feminism, an insistence that we live in a “patriarchy.”  In the case of the Alt-Reich, beliefs such as HBD.

5.) Miss-using words to communicate badly formed ideas.  Feminists miss-use privilege not to mean that someone comes from a wealthy background but as a hammer to assault anyone they disagree with.  The Alt-Reich uses a Red Pill/Blue Pill dichotomy to pretend that they are “owners of truth” and anyone who disagrees with them is unable to see the world “as it is.”

2 thoughts on “the striking similarities between feminism and the Alt-reich

  1. 6.) Identity politics and an opposition to Materialism based on Hegelian Idealism

    “Idealism” is the belief that history is driven by ideas. For instance, the kind of slavery we find in Ancient Rome was allegedly abolished (or replaced with other kinds of slavery) because of Humanist and/or Christian ideas. “Idealism” is the idea that to solve problems such as unemployment and poverty, we just need new people with “new ideas.” Materialism (“Marxism”) on the other hand states that these changes come because of material circumstances.Certain religious doctrines for instance don’t simply “win a battle of ideas” but are enforced because of materialistic reasons such as the Roman Church profiting monetarily when Catholic Priests can’t marry and constituting their sons as heirs.

    Now, both feminism and the alt-right are based on that kind of Idealistic thinking. For the alt-right, all history is the history of race struggle. I’ve met some alt-right people who told me straight to the face that we need MORE poverty because then white people would wake up and there would eventually be solidarity based on ethnicity. This was never the case and this will never be the case. They usually even admit that not even the rich Jews care much about poor working-class Jews. Like, they believe that Jews want to “import” Muslims in order to hurt white people – but that these rich Jews don’t show solidarity with poor Jews in, say, France who might have to suffer Islamic antisemitism. So they don’t even realize that in their argument itself is hidden the (correct!) assumption that class not race is the actual dividing line. And yet they still believe that rich white people will for some magical reason eventually show ethnic solidarity with poor white people…

    For feminists too, history is a struggle between the sexes and truth is always linked to identities. They don’t even care if something is true or not (just as religious fanatics they even hate the idea of truth itself) they only care about the identity of the speaker: “You only say that because you’re a white male!” – Given these kind of identity politics it is, unfortunately, not much of a surprise that other groups develop their own kinds of identity politics: “You only say that because you’re a BLACK man.”

    These are two sides of the same ideological coin….

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