it’s only a matter of time before the alt-reich starts using the “het cis male” slur

I had someone in real life ask me what I thought of lesbians.  I answered I dislike them and avoid them as much as possible.  This fellow gave me a quisical look as if I had said a slur like nigger or faggot.  I went on to explain that as a half-breed, I wouldn’t cozy on up to neo-nazi’s like David Dewkie and shitlord Anglin because they hate me for something I cannot change about myself.  I dislike lesbians not because they munch carpet (thus increasing their risk for throat cancer) –but because many use the slur Het Cis Male.  I told him to google it and see the amount of hatred that straight men are dealt by liberals, gays and feminists.  Do you really expect me to cozy up to some piece of shit like Dick Spencer that see’s me as a subhuman animal with poor impulse control that should be exiled from the US because he want his pwecious eth-NO-state?  If you understand the reasons that I would find it distasteful to be in a room with lispy Dick, why can’t you understand that I find many lesbians who harbor similar anti-male attitudes distasteful?

You might say, “well why don’t you ask a lesbian woman if she hates het-cis men?” Somehow, you know you will get the whitewashed (haha, whitewashed) answer that a creeper like Dick Spence would give if you ask if he hates black people. “Um, no, like, men aren’t, the problem, y’know, just, uh, PRIVILEGE, but the fact you even ask such a question just shows your MALE ENTITLEMENT.”  The rationalizations are so similar to some neo-nazi creep it’s not even funny.  Since so many members of the alt-reich obviously are not  “Het-Cis Men,” I speculate it is only a matter of time before they start using similar language as their “enemies.”

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