The Alt Reich won’t Be Defeated by Rational Arguments

We saw what happened when MRA’s tried to politely refute feminist talking points….

They were misrepresented by intellectually dishonest frauds like David Futrelle…

Now, I have no love for MRA’s and think that Paul Elam is just as much a snake oil salesman as any fraudster pedaling “game.”  But we saw what happens when one tries to argue in good faith against feminists….

The same thing will happen when dealing with the scuzballs in the alt-rech…

I believe we can show that they are hypocrites and that their “ideologies” are inconsistent.  But nothing will be gained by trying to engage them directly.  Well, maybe a direct punch to Dickie Spencer’s zit face perhaps…

Let’s tear these fuckers apart…creep-richard-spencer-when-jack-donovan-taught-me-about-masculinity-he-forgot-to-teach-me-how-to-tak

Just remember, just like the modern version of liberalism has nothing for low status men, it’s the same shit, different day with the alt-right…

3 thoughts on “The Alt Reich won’t Be Defeated by Rational Arguments

  1. No one has ever been defeated by rational arguments. If that would be possible, organized religion wouldn’t exist anymore. But it is organized for the same reasons that it still exists: because people with power and money decide to use some of that power and money to standardize it and to keep it alive in that standardized form.

    However, talking about power, I don’t believe that racism poses an actual systemic threat anymore. Hitler didn’t came to power because he had a way with words but because people with money and power backed and supported him. Every ideology has to be payed somehow. And unlike the ruling class of the past that needed Hitler to destroy the labor movement before this monster turned against his Frankenstein and hence needed to be brought down, the ruling class of today does NOT want racism, borders and nations at all. They want open borders to bring down the wages and make strikes impossible. This is why they use their meme replicators (=college professors, teachers, journalists, activists, artists, etc.) to fight against racism and “racism” 24/7.

    “Racists” of today are basically like the “Luddites” of the past – these English workers who destroyed machinery which they believed was threatening their jobs; they rightly believed so. Their solution was silly, of course and couldn’t work out; and the “racists” of today are pretty much treated like these Luddites, with the ruling class using all their force (journalists, professors, police) to hurt them in every way possible.

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