Max Hydrogen isn’t being intellectually honest here

There is an article at Shedding of The Ego titled “Sex doll brothel forced to close by law” by Max Hydrogen. Now first things first, I  admit I find this article silly, low status men have more serious things to worrying about than “playing with dolls.”  First world problems y’all.  It makes MGTOW’s sound like 3rd wave feminists who love their vibrators and (most likely) hate men.  Now I “get” an egalitarian argument that “men should be allowed to use sex toys too.”  I remember when David Futrelle mocked men who used Fleshlights but he would never mock a woman who used a dildo or vibrator.  Okay, even though it is kind of silly, I grant that there are legitimate reasons to discuss this but be prepared for lots of jokes…

Now there seems to be an identity crisis in men’s circles.  They can’t figure out if they are libertarians or if they want the protectionist policies that Donald Trump seems to offer.  I bring this up because when one jokingly refers to these guys as “libertarian tough guys” the response is to deny this:

Screen shot 2017-03-26 at 12.22.14 PM

I am getting into highly speculative territory here, I think that these guys have a cognitve dissonance, they realize “the robots” will take many jobs at some point.  However, if technology offers them an alternative to a middle (wo)man, in this case a prostitute, they would welcome the alternative.  I believe many would support protectionist measures if it saved their livelyhoods. Again, I am getting into a speculative area ripe for debate. Unfortunately these guys have stayed within the manosphere and it seems like one moment they want to court someone like Bernie Chapin and another moment condemn him.  It seems like they have an ideology that isn’t rooted in anything other than what they deem to be their best interests at the moment.

Later on in the article Max Hydrogen says “Marxist prostitutes, only in Barcelona…”  Again, it seems like Marxist is a word to put infront of anyone you don’t like in the manosphere.  Are factory workers in Michigan who want their jobs back Marxists?  Are the factory workers for Carrier who don’t want their jobs shipped to Mexico “marxist?”  Perhaps these Spanish prostitutes are marxist or perhaps Max Hydrogen dropped this word in to be more appealing to members of the manosphere.

Now all these points are interesting and a more forgiving analysis may state something along the lines of “this is what happens when a narrow focus” writer tries to write on politics.  That is a MGTOW writer might be sloppy because he hasn’t carefully studied politics or he might have some uncertainty of his own political beliefs but still have some interesting ideas.

However, let’s take a look at the title…

“Sex doll brothel forced to close by law.”

Here is a quick article: shot 2017-04-02 at 2.02.47 PM

Max says in the article, “The police were sent to investigate the legality of the Lumidolls brothel only to find the institution had relocated.”

This is a bit different than being forced to shut down by the government…

Now according to the website: –it appears to have opened on March 30, 2017.

For those who have followed Medical Marijuana/MJ Legalization here in the Untied States, this story may have a few parallels. There are “gray -areas” that aren’t exactly “legal” or “illegal.”  It might be a matter of “zoning laws” rather than the legality of marijuana.  Fellow residents might complain about the business, it might be difficult to have a shop front in a strip mall because other business owners may complain. And it is hard to say you are being shut down by “eville marxist leftists” –it may be more the “get off my yard”  right wingers/libertarians complaining to the city of commerce.  Read that paragraph above again, “El Paris reports that the building’s owner immediately cancelled the rental agreement with the business, after seeing the furor generated on social media.”

I don’t think that Max Hydrogen would have been unable to make his points while including the small details.  I think he could have made a very persuasive argument that male sexuality is demonized.   I feel that he is writing more like a propagandist along the lines of David Futrelle or Paul Elam.  And I don’t feel this is what low status men need.  At one time I may have granted this as merely sloppy writing and been of the opinion that an imperfect MGTOW movement is better than nothing, however my views are quickly changing. I think sloppiness and intellectual dishonesty will cause more harm in the long term even if it makes a short term victory achievable.

11 thoughts on “Max Hydrogen isn’t being intellectually honest here

  1. Sleazy Pig wrote on his blog that he doesn’t find black women particularly attractive. Yeah, that’s the reason why he hit on them as mentioned in both of his books. He would also fuck Ann Coulter (No, seriously! He really wrote that!). What the hell is going on here? Is this guy shit testing his audience or what? Does he test waters in terms of finding out how far he can go with shilling crap because his readers are unwary enough to swallow it?

    I wonder if shit testing is a common practice amongst fraudulent salesmen.

    1. That’s funny. It’s hilarious watching these “right leaning tough guys” debase themselves over Anne “the man” Coultier. I think you pointed this out, but isn’t “she” everything they are supposed to hate? A cahrear womyn, dated non-white men, hit “the wall” ™ while Led Zepplin was still touring North America. And most of all not pumping out white baybee’s to combat whyte gen-0-cyde. My speculation is Sleazebag is no trying to sell to the Crappity Crapitalism/Roosh 5 crowd. He no loner has Omega Virgin Revolt linked in his side bar but now has Clarey.

  2. I never said it was closed down by law: I don’t choose the title of the article. I wrote: “The police were sent to investigate the legality of the Lumidolls brothel only to find the institution had relocated.” When did I say it was closed down…?

    Nice try though 😉

    1. haha, the title said “Sex doll brothel forced to close by law.” Maybe you should tell Barbarabroski to change the title. My point still stands. If you didn’t choose the title, profuse apologies….

  3. Looks like Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB had to create his own safe space in which to express his incoherent butthurt. Unlike this site, my comment is “awaiting moderation” on stonerwithaboner so I’m sure it will see the light of day. This level of obsession goes beyond butthurt and betrays signs of pathological behavior, perhaps he’s Alexander MGTOW from the defunct

    There seems to be a fixation with “Tough Guys” even though none of us are. Perhaps this person was bullied as a child? There seems to be a fixation with “Low-Status Males”. I already replied to SWAB and explained how he could liberate his sense of self-worth from Female Approval and stop believing in such concepts but alas, I guess he can’t. I guess he feels inadequate for some reason, poor guy…

  4. You still seem to believe that we have something to do with the PUA, Roosh-type Female Approval based Self-Improvement gurus even though it is obvious we stand against such Gynocentric ideology. Why do you do that? Is it because you can’t find anything about MGTOW to criticize?

    It’s bad enough that you lack any argument but when your entire diatribe consists of mocking people we have nothing to do with (despite numerous declaration thereof) then actions seem strange and irrational, perhaps you might seek help…?

    1. “You still seem to believe that we have something to do with the PUA, Roosh-type Female Approval based Self-Improvement gurus even though it is obvious we stand against such Gynocentric ideology. ”

      you unfortunately use strikingly similar rhetoric to people like Roosh V. He talks about “the red pill.” Neo Nazi Richard Spencer talks about the “red pill.”

      Your words:

      Roosh V has said that he is the “father” of the red pill and creepy things about his “seed.”

      Richard Spencer talks about race realism/neo nazi ideology as being red pilled:

      If I came to sheddingoftheego and talked about patriarchy, you guys would (likely) say “why the fuck are you using feminist rhetoric?”

      If you use red/pill blue pill, I’ll say why are you using manuresphere rhetoric?

      (And Barbar does consider himself part of the manosphere even though he has been treated horribly by those guys.)

      So you expect me to parse that “your” red pill means “rejecting gynocentrism” whilst Roosh V’s means “chasing pu$$y and bashing low status men” and Richard Spencer’s means “accepting neo nazi/alt-right ideology.” While I “may” be able to parse what you are saying as not being nazi rhetoric or PUA rhetoric, others will not. I hope you don’t dismiss this concern trolling, but if you want to be seen as different from those guys, you need to use different rhetoric. I use “manuresphere” so while a feminist might hate what I am saying, she knows that ideologically I AM far removed from Matt Forney, et al.

      Recommended reading:

      dude, I hope your last line was meant to crack me up (and it did…)

      “perhaps you might seek help…?”

      actually writing my twisted little screeds seem to be the way to let the poison outta my veins…

      but, if I did “seek help,” well, likely when I showed the psycotherapist my “rants” against MGTOW’s, he/she would likely judge me as being mentally healthier than you (regardless of whether or not that is the case.) And I do not mean to base this as an insult towards your mental health, rather just look at the example of how professor Jordan Peterson trashed MGTOW’s without even acknowledging the dangers of divorce and saying “you men did not make enough sacrifices.” He would likely miss the points of my critiques and just be glad that I am critiquing you guys whilst disregarding that I agree with you on several points that he doesn’t acknowledge. I doubt conventional therapy could solve my numerous problems. I also doubt MGTOW can solve my numerous problems.

      Anyways, you said, “Perhaps this person was bullied as a child?”

      Yes, as a matter of fact I was. In the anonymity of the internet, I will confess this to you–

      I’ve been in fist fights more times than I have had sex. I would’ve been ashamed to admit that years ago, but now I feel strangely proud of myself.

      1. You mean all of this stems from guilt by association over a term that is CLEARLY used differently by different people (if you actually bothered to pay more than two seconds attention): a semantic fixation…? Oh man 😂

        ” I also doubt MGTOW can solve my numerous problems.” Fine, take care.

      2. did you check out the links? You seem not to see that it’s not “just” a semantic fixation. It is a difference where one group of men step off and say this is not for me. You take care too, buddy…

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