…and this is why we don’t like liberals

they get offended by shit like this…




and this…richdildo


so this whiny liberal/progressive whines that Dickie Spencer got punched…

He makes a wrong assumption here, he thinks you are giving up the “moral high ground” by punching him and that you should win based on the merits of your argument.  But here is the problem, you cannot have a debate with someone like Dickie Spencer who is intellectually dishonest.  It’s like debating feminists, or MRA’s or even fucking MGTOW’s at this point.  There is no point.  There may be a point to take something Dickie wrote and rip it apart line by line so the fence-sitters can see how full of shit he is.  But to try to debate him has no point.  You can’t win against a con man.  You just gotta walk away.  And maybe you can tell people, watch out, don’t let that skeevy fucker pick pocket you.  That’s why I spent so much time bitching about the snakeoil scumbags like Roosh 5 pedal.  But there’s no point having a “dialogue” with Roosh, that’s what the old fuckers at AVfM couldn’t comprehend.  Feminists were laughing at them, and I was too.  If you hang around lowlifes long enough, you’ll hear this nugget of wisdom: “You can’t hustle an honest man.”    Maybe there are honest people who are a bit gullible and maybe you can save one of them some pain by screaming on the internet how bad Roosh  and his ilk are.  But when he openly advocates shit that is damn close to rape if not actual rape, well, it doesn’t make me a feminist to say that shit is wrong. It’s not just bad judgement on the part of AVfM, it’s an absolute lack of a moral compass to invite Douche V as your guest and say that he has interesting things to tell men.  On a similar note, by entertaining Dickie Spencer and he Alt-Reich as “legitimate” you are already losing the battle…

Now, if I was a racist full blooded white guy, I sure as fuck would not want some limp wrist sally like Mizz Spencer (oopsie, I misgendered it, the kyriarchical transmisogyny y’all) bossing me around.  “Alpha male”–I think not.  As a low status man who carries a receipt of what he just purchased, I do NOT have the fucking privilege (used the right way, not the way feminists abuse it) of expecting to go through life without violence.  I’ve been punched harder, and, goddamnit and fuck, I punched back. Where the fuck was bleeding heart Uygar when that happened? I know, nowhere, because low status men DON’T FUCKING MATTER!  So, does that make me a bad guy for laughing about a douchebag getting punched?  Maybe, but so what.  If anything, I’m triggered.  Donch’ya know, it’s not kosher to hit nazi’s with bare fists, yer supposed to use a baseball bat.

Anyways, back to Cenk…


Harharhar.  Cenk, would you dare piss off the sisterhood of feminism and laugh at a woman who left her abusive husband, scumbag??? I think not. So, how come it’s funny when it happens to a man? Is it some “real man,” “tough guy” shit? You just showed your true colors, asshole.

Any low status man with two braincells to rub together see’s how they’ll get burned standing alongside “the progressives.”  Yeah, when some condescending asshole like Rachel Maddow insults everyone who voted third party and blames them for the loss of crooked, war criminal Clinton, well fuck you liberals…

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