Concern Trolling the Alt-Reich…

I’m no expert audio engineer, but I do know for a fact, Dickie Spencer I could improve your presentation…


That distortion in your voice is from recording too hot.  A newbie mistake.  Watch those input levels, you ain’t recording onto tape studmuffin.  You are getting digital clipping.  That’s noise, boize and gurls.  Watch the meters, you don’t want to hit the reds.  And a couple things to help with the sibilance, or what commoners call a lisp.  Use a pop screen, it’ll actually make you look more pro and you will probably have more distance from the mic. That’ll mean less clipping. If the levels are still too low, throw on some compression in the post production. (You do know what post production is, right? After all, doesn’t Steve Sailer teach that at HBD camp?)  Hehe, maybe even some pitch shifting to make your voice sound a bit deeper and less whiny, y’know more, ahem, masculine.   Also throw in some EQ to bring up the bass frequencies.  Make it sound boomier, then put just the slightest hint of reverb or delay, just make sure it’s not too much otherwise peeps’ll think yer in a cave. Also, maybe hire a voice coach, learn how to speak without a lisp, well, unless there is something I’m missing and that manner of speaking is a way to let certain men know that you are down for things that most men are not down for. A mating call perhaps?

And, uh, slow down your words.  O’bombya had the perfect tempo.  Terrible politics but perfect tempo.  He’s a better speaker than you’ll ever be.

As for the shirt, that’s just weird.  Is it some camouflage to make you blend in to the environment?  Hide from some anti-fa’s?  Melt into that comfy couch?

The liquor in your hand, presumably it’s liquor.  Scotch, amirite?  Well, maybe it’s juice after all.  It doesn’t make you look “intellectual.”  It makes you look like you have “poor impulse control.”

Now, Dickie, I know your fav singer called you a cunt.  I’m just not sure if it’s your crappy politics or your crappy recording technique.  Now, between you and me, “buddy.”  –Between taking a punch like a complete wuss and your incompetent audio/presentation skills, n one and I mean NO ONE will consider you the master race.  Masturbater?  Perhaps, Dickie, perhaps…

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