…this is not going your own way…

alright, I saw this video on a rightwing blog where the author was trying to make the point “Yo, biches be cray, cray…”

Now, let’s get something outta the way first, pepper spraying someone may very well be assault and should only be an absolute last measure when violence is likely to occur.  This lady IS in the wrong…

However, let’s look at the guy’s actions, he tried to cut in line, he antagonized an angry woman.

I see allot of “tough guy” talk on MGTOW forums but I’d wager most these guys have never been in a fight IRL.  Y’know, it isn’t in the interest of a low status man to antagonize angry women in public places.  You are much better off staying under the radar.  If you accidentally interrupt before she closed out the sale, apologize.  If that doesn’t calm things down, leave the line and act as if you are looking to purchase a soda.  If things haven’t calmed down after that, leave the store.  It’s not as if you can’t get the same cancer sticks a few blocks down.  It sounds like I am telling you to act like a “pussy” while all the tough guy MGTOW speak like they are goddamnmotherfucking John Wayne.  Well, guess what, that fucker did not fight in a war.  You can read Special Forces manuals where they will tell you to avoid fights with the enemy when you are outnumbered and to regroup for when you can win.  Do you think a tough guy like Barbarossaa mentions “gynocentrism” in public when he is on a date with a woman?  No, most likely he keeps his MGTOW activities more secret than his porn stash. You will actually be given bad advice such as this by Razor Blade Kandy:

MGTOW, let us shed the ego, step out of our armor and expose the withered body hidden beneath, let’s take off the mask, look into the mirror and know ourselves, the face we have kept hidden, and show the world what we are. We will step out of our armor, and into the sunlight for the whole world to see us as we truly are. We are not thousand foot tall giants, we are not super heroes, we are not invulnerable or immortal, we are very mortal indeed. We are weak, we are frail, we are human, and we deserve to be treated as human.”

You are given advice that could cause harm in real life.  (Further) alienation from family, ridicule, humiliation, job loss.  Better to stay under the radar.  Figure out survival strategies.  Avoid conflict.  Yeah, total opposite of the “tough guy talk” these fucks are shoving down your throat.

Y’know, years ago I read a Book by Henry Rollins called Get in the Van.  I felt bad for him because he was constantly getting in fights, But it wasn’t till years later, I realized, he was looking for fights…


Now here is a mandatory read:


Now re-watch that video…

Notice how the cashier was never threatened?

I grew up in a shitty family environment.  Mommy and Daddy slapped each other around and I got hit a bunch.  Some crappy feminist lies when she says “men are the violence class.”  And those crappy MRA’s are just as ideological.  I realize now that my parents are just mean people who like to fight and found each other.


Yeah, you don’t need to listen to some MGTOW tough guy who does not have your best interest at heart..

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