Why would someone use a broken metaphor????

The Red Pill/Blue Pill concept comes from the Matrix Trilogy…

The idea is that one can stay blissfully unaware and live their life as before (blue pill) or open their eyes to harsh truths and become red pilled….

Now, we have seen many groups within the manuresphere use this metaphor.  Why is this problematic?  Because life is not so simple as to say one group is blue pill beta’s whereas another group are red pill alpha’s.  They have to break ship and start saying funny thing like purple pill aware.  Haha.   They sound just as silly as feminists whining about “patriarchy.”

Why do they use this metaphor?  My first guess was that they wanted in-goups and out-groups.  Y’know, they want to be able to say “you are part of the club.”  “You aren’t GTFO!!!”

But, I think there is something a little more sinister going on. My guess is newbies are supposed to listen to rants and think that the person giving the rant possesses this secret knowledge that they can grant the newbie.  It is a bit of showmanship to create a sense of awe and suspend too much questioning.  When Richard Spencer talks about “the red pill” my impression is he is trying to pull a con job and fool people into thinking he is much smarter than he actually is.  He must have some secret insights into race, he mentions “red pill”–must be some shorthand for this secret knowledge, he and only he possesses that will make you eternally safe from flash mob vio-lence ™ until the end of time.

My impression is that if someone starts throwing this lingo around, beware, there is probably a con job and it’s up to you to figure it out…