…this is an interesting video…

Now, this guy isn’t too popular with libertarian tough guys,err, I’m mean, MiGTOW’s lately because he was critical of them without seeming to understand the validity about their argument on the dangers of marriage….

He mentions something interesting, the dominance hierarchy…

and it is doubly interesting as applied to MiGTOW’s.  I originally thought these guys wanted to “drop out” of the dominance hierarchy.  And it was really this misunderstanding on my part that I thought they were on a similar path as I was.  But more and more, it seems they have no interest in dropping out of the dominance hierarchy. Look at how many will brag of six-figure incomes.  While it is understandable that if you are gonna work, it’s better to make a high income and it is also understandable that a high income will allow you to save and leave the rat race quicker, I don’t believe this is the reason these guys brag like that.  It is status seeking.  And it’s pretty obvious.  And it’s further humorous how these humorless guys become so upset at being called “libertarian tough guys.”  It refers to the attitude many seem to have of “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” even though these guys most likely did not pull themselves up by the bootstraps.  It the constant whining and “tough guy” talk that is endemic in these so-called MGTOW spaces.  I think if these guys were really serious about removing themselves from a dominance hierarchy and also removing themselves from the approval of women (status seeking/gynocentrism)  there would be no need to talk in the manner in which they do.  Of course if you bring that up, they have their silencing mechanism–how dare you “tone police” them.  And if you refute them with strong arguments you are now a “concern troll.”  Funny how that works.

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