6 thoughts on “Muh free speach…

  1. Shit seems heavy in Berkley, Carlifornia, at the moment:

    u crazy, america!

    Nice track, by the way! In the template pic, those guys look as if they’re making ebm/industrial rock, not hardcore punk, hehe.

      1. Yeah, there are certainly people who are, let’s say, a bit “suspicious” amongst “successfull” musicians.

        In terms of the recent “riots”, I’d say that shit has gotten way to crazy. Those who are “up to date” understand what I’m talking about. I’d better draw more attention to my hobbies. Sometimes I think it’s about time to pull the plug.

        But maybe it’s about moderation after all, isn’t it?

  2. “Dude, just when you think this shit can’t get any funnier…”

    Well, that’s exactly what I was talking about. I “was there”, browsing /pol/, during the occurrence of the Battle of Berkley, watching these useful individuals putting bit by bit together and revealed this chick’s identity within a short amount of time. Yeah, it’s funny but it’s also scary if you consider how quick that happened. 4chan’s /pol/acks are of course currently working on doxxing other violent antifa members who participated in the riot.

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