You Can’t Hustle an Honest Man

Yeah, take this guy Jordan Peterson with a grain of salt.  He’s a really smart guy but I don’t think that always makes him right.  In fact, the fact that he is smart and well spoken might make it significantly easier for him to “polish a turd.”  However, there is a phrase you will hear at some point if you spend enough time in the gutter.  “You can’t Hustle an honest man.” You would think that an honest man is more gullible and, if they spend their time around honest, trustworthy people, they may expect that and be surprised when a scumbag hustles them.  However, I think he is talking about something different here.  You might hear about those Nigerian banking scams.  Well, wouldn’t an honest person start asking a few questions like, “How do I declare this income for tax purposes?”  And, this would likely scare off the fraudster.

I remember working a sales job with a guy who made six figures.  He had declared bankruptcy a few years back and often couldn’t afford lunch.  Could he really be spending all that money on strippers?  They guy was sleazy and couldn’t even manage his own life, yet I was supposed to trust him to close huge deals I had brought in.  And it makes me think of a creep like Richard Spencer. He can’t even figure out basic tax returns but his premise is that us darkies need whites like him otherwise “we” are lost in chaos.  And think of Roosh V.  He is a scumbag, and you don’t have to be a card carrying feminist to say that his “game” is sleazy.

So I think what he is saying in this video is that if you are intolerant with dishonesty within yourself, you will be much more intolerant when you spot it in others.  Or maybe I am misunderstanding…


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