muh polyticks

took this little test:

here’s where I am:swabpolitical

hahahaha, they put me like a snipers bullseye on creepy Colonel Sanders head…

I ain’t no Bernie Broe, that’s for damn sure…

Last time I took this I was more “right” leaning, I think my change of heart was years in a toxic work environment and the realization that most work is tedious.  I understand the need to get shit done but I don’t see work for work’s sake as a moral imperative. Also ironic that I am “libertarian” leaning when I call those MiGTau’s “libertarian tough guys.”  They are a bit authoritarian for my taste.  And y’know who else I can’t stand, the “regressive left”-antifa’s and those whiney identity politicing neo-liberals known as the alt-right…

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