….what is so appealing about being a victim???

A feminist will blame everything on “the patriarchy” and essentially men.  There are even blogs with titles like “I blame the Patriarchy.”

An Alt-Reicher will blame “teh jooze” for everything.  Dickie Spencer “forgot” to pay his taxes-“teh jooze.”  Andrew Anglin got an STD from Jack Don-0-van in a hottub meet-up of doom-“teh jooze.” Man, you gotta wonder if they say it like “Da Bears” in those old SNL skits.

Why are they doing this?  My best guess is that this abdicates personal responsibility for their lot in life.

SWAB Review: Alien: Covenant

In my opinion, this movie is decent but could’ve been great.  Good sci-fi can ask questions about our society and this movie has a narrative about AI becoming self-aware and operating in interests vastly different than that of it’s creators. But it’s ultimately unsatisfying. It’s presented that David understands the “limitations” of his creator.  He is essentially a narcissist, in love with his ability to creates (and destroy) with fragments of a back story. The “good guys,” the settlers are characters I find myself not caring about.  They are merely props to be eliminated. Sigourney Weaver, while not being a likeable character with her hard-as-nails persona was who I was routing for.  The characters in this movie left me with no such investment.  Pretty good but not a must see…

Here’s an interesting article:


Holy Shit

Why can’t more “intellectuals” admit they stepped in dookie???

And, this doesn’t make Barbarabroski and Starduskiepoops right about everything or even most things…