Holy Shit

Why can’t more “intellectuals” admit they stepped in dookie???

And, this doesn’t make Barbarabroski and Starduskiepoops right about everything or even most things…

2 thoughts on “Holy Shit

  1. I cannot stand Jordan Peterson at all. He speaks in that pretentious “college professor” prose and everybody eats up what he says because it’s packaged intellectual, when really the actual content of what he says is so little. Not to mention he is an insufferable goody-two-shoes who is toeing the line here even as he acknowledges that the legal systems are anti-male; he is angry that young men are being discouraged from trying with women which is the typical gynocentric view that all guys should keep trying and trying for women – no matter what!

    Camille Paglia is a lot more grounded in reality and hell of a lot more entertaining to listen to – leave the long pauses and awkward speech of Jordan Peterson to the hipsters.

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