Freedom of Speech and the hypocrisy of the right wing….

Okay, we’ve had “libertarian tough guys” telling us it is “the right wing” that stands up for free speech.

Milo Y kept on saying horrible things ™ and his supporters kept telling us that it’s only right wing comedians who have the courage to make challenging critiques of society.

Right wingers kept on telling us that it was those gawd awful lefties that try to shut down free speech, go on purges to get people fired and all that fun stuff…

Now, the shoe is on the other foot…

You have likely heard of the recent Kathy Griffin scandal….

So, why aren’t the “libertarian tough guys” defending her?  After all, it’s supposed to be about “ideas” and not which side of the fence you sit, right?  After all, didn’t they say the thing that made Trump gr8 was his refusal to kowtow to political correctness?  Isn’t it a comedians job to push boundaries and test the limits of common decency (even if they admittedly go to far?)

Here’s Mr. Where’s the Beef, or was that ‘Roids, Joe Rogan….


Notice how his towel boy says, “Everyone would flip out if it was O’bama.”

Well, uncle Ted went there….

but he called the comparison “apples and hand grenades….”

So “libertarian tough guys,” which one is it?  “Freedom of Speech” or “I need muh safe spaces?”

7 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech and the hypocrisy of the right wing….

      1. I have not. First reason, escorts who are what I call semi-professionals provide the best service and value for money. Second reason, sex clubs (without exception) are very unsatisfying for single guys since they still are centered around polyamorous couples.

  1. I guess most people have come to the conclusion that we need more power, not more freedom of speech. If it were up to me, feminists would totally NOT enjoy freedom of speech. You bet that I would “discriminate” against them. Even if you disagree: if you just want to be left alone you need power. (It’s the same in geopolitics. Why do smart countries want nuclear weapons? Because they know that only nuclear weapons will prevent the USA from bringing you “freedom and democracy”…)

    1. Someone who used to comment here a few years back, Scarecrow/Richard said that black men’s problem was not that they didn’t have enough rights but that society hated them. Hence, MRA’s being in a position much closer to black men than some scumbag like Elam would ever admit were fighting the wrong battle demanding more rights when when the real problem was society’s hatred of low status men.

      That being said, I think “freedom of speech” is the most important freedom. I feel that I’ve been able to do far more for my psychological health by posting anon online then I would’ve done paying 100k to sit on a couch and have someone with a Master’s Degree prescribe anti-depressants.

      1. Funny that you mention psychology. Because only recently did I meet an old friend I had went to high-school with. He told me that he went to a psychologist whose advice was … to go visit a prostitute(!) and then prescribe him these pills. Pills and prostitutes. Man. “Just go an join Van Halen! These rock stars all seem to do fine, after all!”

        One of the reasons why I’d never go to a psychologist. I don’t want their fucking pills and drugs. I mean, say what you want about old psychoanalysis: but at least these people never presumed that psychological issues exist in an individual bubble. That individualistic ideology has just creeped in EVERYWHERE. A

      2. I may or may not write about this on the blog but one time when I was extremely low in my life, I was advised to take an anti-anxiety medication. I refused because even though my life was a mess, I knew my body’s feelings and could cope but by introducing a new drug I was unsure what would happen. (And yes, I think I understand the irony coming from one who loves psychadelics.) My understanding is that singer Chris Cornell had an adverse reaction to anti-anxiety drugs and this is what I feared would happen to me.

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